What's on my playlist for the Hot Dash 10 mile?

On Saturday, I’ll be running the Hot Dash 10 mile as my test run before the Eau Claire Marathon. In addition to testing out my race strategies, I also wanted to test out a playlist and some new music. So instead of just going to by go-to songs, I’ve been listening to music and pulling out some new running songs to pump me up!

One great resource I found (besides Google Music’s curated playlists) is the Run Elite playlists on Spotify. These were created with elite runners from the Boston Marathon and gave me some new song ideas!

Let me know in the comments what I should add onto my playlist for the Eau Claire Marathon because I’m going to need almost five hours of music!

Training Tips Tuesday 12: Get moving! (after a long run)

Today’s training tip comes from how I felt after my 20 mile run on Sunday. I woke up from my nap and my legs were hurting so much. They were sore and pulsing and I didn’t want to do anything. But just laying down wasn’t doing anything to make my legs feel better.

Instead, I got up and took Vinnie out a longer walk. And my legs started feeling better. There weren’t 100% back to normal but it got easier with every step and the pulsing did go away.

So even though all you want to do after a long run is sit down and never get up, get some movement in! It’s going to help get the blood flowing and speed up your recovery. And hopefully it won’t be as painful for you to walk around after a while.

Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 11

One more high mileage week coming up with fifty miles. This is my highest mileage week ever and March is also going to be my highest mileage month ever. No pace miles this week but every single run went up by a mile. Let’s get into it!

Monday, March 12

I wasn’t feeling too sore at work after Sunday’s 19 miles but that changed once I got into my cross-training workout. I really should have gone on the elliptical first to ease my body into working out but at least I know better for next time.

Monday strength training workout with Nuun hydration

I did the Glute and HIp Strength workout from the NTC app again and I’m still loving it. I just think my calves wouldn’t have cramped like they did if I had spent my time on the elliptical first before doing a strength training workout. But even without the cramps, it was a tough workout for only being bodyweight!

Tuesday, March 13

5 miles ~ 53:32 ~ 10:41 min/mile

The mileage is going up this week, a mile for every run. So I did 5 miles today for my hill repeats, 4 miles of hill repeats with ½ mile warmup and cooldown. It felt so awesome and my pace was pretty much even after the first mile which is surprising considering how sore I felt.

Tuesday hill repeat run

Speaking of soreness, I’m ramping up my stretching and foam rolling because I can tell I’ve got tightness in hips and along the IT band along with tight calves. Probably because I am running all of the hills. So after I did the Runners Love Yoga post-run flow, I spent a lot of time on the foam roller trying to hit those specific spots. And I’ll probably have to keep it going for the rest of training.

Wednesday, March 14

10 miles ~ 1:49:22 ~ 10:56 min/mile

If we get thrown back into winter again, my body is just going to revolt against me. Wednesday was sunny and almost fifty, just perfect running weather. I wore shorts and a long-sleeved shirt although I got a little warm by the halfway point. The puddles are also starting to go down a little which is amazing considering how much snow still has to melt.

Wednesday run

This run start out really good and I was feeling really good. And then on the last three miles, my calves just started hurting so much. Not quite cramping but just feeling rock solid. I’m guessing it’s because of the high mileage and hills since it was on the most uphill portions that I had problems. I even ended up stopping my watch so I could stretch out my calves with a mile left. So I for sure need to keep up all the foam rolling, stretching and yoga to keep my legs in marathon shape.

Thursday, March 15

5 miles ~ 53:15 ~ 10:38 min/mile

Thursday was another awesome run! I wore a skort (which was a little bit chilly at first) and it just felt amazing. I’m loving running in the sunshine after so much grey this winter. I had pretty much even splits for the first four miles (10:39, 10:40, 10:40 and 10:37) and even my last mile was pretty close at 10:32. Plus I ran into Mike and Vinnie during the last little bit and they ran with me.

Thursday Run

Afterwards, I did a quick core session and then followed it up with my post-run flow and foam rolling. My IT band area is still pretty tight when I roll out but neither it or my knees are bothering me on my runs which is a good sign. I just need to keep on these tight areas so they don’t cause problems since I’m so close to race day.

Friday, March 16

And the warm stretch continues! Well, relatively warm but it was in the low 40s again and sunny. Which after a long winter is warm. I took a nice walk mid-afternoon at work and it felt great to get outside after sitting at the computer. Vinnie and I got in a longer walk after work too so I could hit my 10,000 step goal. And I’ve met that goal everyday for the last four weeks (ever since I was sick with the flu).

Friday Yoga and Nuun

I did another yoga session after my walk with Vinnie, the Runners Love Yoga IT Band/Hips video which I did two weeks ago. I didn’t feel as tight as two weeks ago which is good because it means all the work I’m doing for recovery is working!

Saturday, March 17

10 miles ~ 1:47:00 ~ 10:41 min/mile

Another gorgeous day for a run! It was a little bit chilly at first but once I got going shorts with a t-shirt and jacket was the perfect thing to wear. It helped a ton that the path got much sunnier after the first mile.

Saturday Run

My run felt really good, even though I had a couple of miles right around race pace. But it also felt like a pretty flat run, at least compared to what I normally do, and the pace felt easy. I did a good foam rolling session at the gym and I’m continuing to feel the difference in my calves and IT band.

Sunday, March 18

20 miles ~ 3:37:34 ~ 10:52 min/mile

Another amazing long run and my first (of three) 20 mile runs for Eau Claire Marathon training! I got some stares from other runners for wearing shorts and a long sleeved shirt (not hat or gloves) in temperatures that started at 32 and went up to 40 by the end of my run. But it was the perfect thing to way, not to warm, not too cold.


Last week, I added on some speed miles at the end of my long run but I decided not to for this one. I was debating before my run and decided I’d see how I felt by mile 16. And this high mileage was getting to my legs and I decided not to. My left knee (the one I fell on about a week before training started) was feeling a little tender and my right quad was doing this little twitch like it was going to start cramping up. So I wasn’t going to take any chances when my run was so great already.

For fun, I pulled my Strava data from my first 20 mile run of Twin Cities Marathon training and this run. The improvement I’ve made in my speed (and feeling strong on the run) is amazing over the last seven months!


And now I get a cutback week to recover a little! I have a meetup run with my fellow Twin Cities Nuunbassadors on Thursday and the Hot Dash 10 mile on Saturday so it will be a good week of recovery, racing and having fun!

How was your last week of training (or running or just living life)? Let me know in the comments!


Three reasons to race during marathon training

Even though my A race this year is the Eau Claire Marathon, I’m running two races before (and one after). Is there a benefit to racing while training for a marathon? There’s a couple that I’ve found for myself!

Paula Radcliffe Raceday quote.jpg

Confidence boost

There’s nothing better wehn you are training at a slow pace than busting out a PR at a shorter distance. I felt a huge confidence boost at the Valentine’s Day TC 5K when I not only ran a 2 minute 5K PR but ran 8:30~ish minute miles. It gave me that confidence boost that I’ve been getting faster since my last 5K even though I’m focusing on longer races.

Testing out marathon race strategy

I only ran one race during Twin Cities Marathon training, the Bear Water Run 20 miler, and it was specifically to test out race day strategies. Which probably wasn’t the best to try and run at race pace on a 20 mile run a month before the marathon.

This year, I’ll be running the Hot Dash 10 mile six weeks out from the Eau Claire marathon and testing out my race strategies. I’ll be talking about this more later in the week but this will include:

  • Fueling at race pace (haven’t been taking GUs on my pace runs)

  • Running with a pacer

  • Pre-race nutrition

  • Cutting out caffiene six days before the race

  • Race day clothing (weather-dependent because there’s rain in the forecast….)

Adding some fun into training

Race day is fun for me! I train solo so it’s nice to go on what feels like a giant group run. Plus there’s tons of extra energy that isn’t there when I go on my solo runs. There’s crowds out cheering, there’s a medal and there’s usually beer at the finish line!

Do you run races while training for a bigger goal? Let me know in the comments what you love about race day!


How do I recover after a long run during marathon training?

Earlier this week, I talked about what my prep for my 19 mile long run looked like on Sunday. Today, I want to go over how I recovered from this run. Especially since I’ve been feeling more soreness when I’m not running and I’m trying to prevent any injuries.

Sunday’s 19 miles was an awesome run, a 10:54 average pace and the last three miles I speed up to right around race pace. But I knew I need to spend extra time on my recovery with the combination of running strong and the elevation.

One of the best thing about Mike picking me up from my long runs (besides not having to drive) is that he brings along a smoothie for me too. Even though I took in 400 calories worth of GUs on the run, I also burned approximately 1,600 calories. I always try to get in a good source of protein and carbs after a run (usually via a smoothie) but it’s most important after this run. This week’s smoothie was unflavored protein powder, a banana and a cup of mixed berries.

Once we got home, I got right to taking care of my body. I did the Runners Love Yoga post-run flow and I could tell how much my body had gone through. I could feel the stretch even more than usual especially with it came to stretching my calves and hips. Even after just ten minutes of yoga, I was feeling a little bit more loosened up so I moved onto foam rolling.

I’ve written before about my full-body foam rolling routine but what I really focused on after this long run was my legs. I wasn’t feeling any tightness in my upper body so I decided to focus on what was feeling sore. Between the full-sized foam roller and stick roller, I got in deep to my leg muscles and tried to hit them from multiple angles.

One thing I wish I had done was thrown my legs up against the wall. I did this regularly during Twin Cities Marathon training and it was a stretch for my hamstrings and also felt really relaxing to just lay with my feet up. I’m hoping to start incorporating this more in post-run recovery.

While I was doing my yoga and foam rolling, Mike was cooking me more food! I was starting to feel more hungry as I did my immediate post-run recovery so it was nice to finish up with it and have hot food waiting for me. My go-to post-run is usually a breakfast egg dish and this week it was avocado toast with two eggs over easy. I don’t really have the appetite for anything too heavy after a run but I do like to get in a decent amount of calories and a good mix of fat, proteins and carbs.

The rest of the day, I took it pretty easy. I soaked in an epsom salt bath after lunch and then napped for a couple of hours (with my legs propped up on a pillow). Mike was nice enough to cook dinner Sunday night so I just got to take Vinnie on an easy walk and relax the rest of the day. I pretty much take it easy after I’m done foam rolling and stretching, just hanging out in compression socks and watching TV.

What’s your post-long run routine? Let me know in the comments!