How I'm Getting Back Into Marathon Training After Being Sick

Well, I thought I was going to be able to miss the flu but I spent Thursday sick. Mike had gotten the flu on Tuesday and came home early. He was still sick on Wednesday but I was still feeling fine and thought maybe it had skipped over me.

But then I woke up Thursday morning feeling off. At first, I thought it was because I’ve upped my mileage and my body needed more calories. Which I was planning to up my carbs on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. But once I sat down to eat breakfast, I knew it was something else. My oatmeal just wasn’t appetizing and I made it halfway through before deciding I was sick.

I called in sick to work (not being the first person in the office to have the flu) and spent most of the day napping with Vinnie. I didn’t eat much at all on Thursday besides half of my oatmeal and some toast with peanut butter. And lots of water, some Nuun and Gatorade. When Mike got home, I was feeling somewhat better but still on the fence on how I’d be feeling on Friday.

Luckily, when I got up on Friday I was feeling back to normal and my appetite was back! All that sleeping and fluids really helped (along with Nurse Vinnie’s care) but I wasn’t sure how my body would feel about running. Obviously, I didn’t get in my Thursday four mile easy run and I was hoping to get it in after work on Friday.

My plan for Friday’s run was to keep it nice and easy. Since I didn’t eat much on Thursday, I knew I wasn’t fueled like I normally was. My weight was down 3 lbs from Thursday to Friday just from one day of being sick. I just wanted to test out and see what my body might be up to for my weekend runs.

My splits ended up being up and down over those four miles. The first three were around 10:42-10:53 but I managed to speed up to 10:35 for the last mile. My average heart rate was 156 bpm which is normal for my easy runs so it doesn’t seem like I was working any harder on this run. I’m really happy about how this run turned out because I was afraid with how sick I’d been (even for just one day) that I was really going to cutback this week.

Now, what about this weekend's runs? On the calendar is an 8 mile pace run and a 16 mile long run. And I feel pretty confident about getting those miles in. I’m going to be careful about not pushing my body too hard and listening to it. So that pace run might turn into a mix of half pace/half easy. And I’ve mapped out a long run route that I cut easily cut out some miles if I need to. Of course, I’ll be working on getting my eight hours of sleep in this weekend plus a nap post-long run. And eating all the carbs!

Have you been hit by this flu? Let me know in the comments how you got back in running or training once you felt better!

A Little Running Rant

Well, after yesterday’s love-fest, I’ve got to bring the mood down a little with a running rant.

I’ve been doing of my runs this training cycle along the Mississippi River (which is also where I did my weekend runs for Twin Cities Marathon training). And there’s a couple of universities in the area which means the paths are taken care of really well because they are used a ton.

But, I swear these college runners are the worst. I don’t know if they are running for a class or a sport but they come in a good-sized pack (around 10-15 people) and take over the entire path. And it’s not a narrow path either, even with the ice/snow that’s built up. They are running three or four people across the path. And they don’t move over for people coming the opposite way.

I’ve had to jump off the path and into the snow a couple of times for these groups. It just blows my mind that they don’t even think about moving over a little for other runners (or walkers or bikers). One of these days, I’m going to just keep on running on my side of the path without moving and it’s their fault if they get run into. You can easily see people coming down the path and they’d have to move a little bit over for a couple of seconds while I pass.

I feel a little better now that I’ve gotten this rant off my chest. Do you have a running rant? Let it out in the comments so you can feel better!

My Running Loves

Since it is Valentine's Day, I figured not to do a running rant like I had originally put on the calendar. Seriously, a running rant on Valentine's Day? I was not thinking when putting together the calendar. So instead of me pouring my heart about something that’s bothering my on my runs (which is coming up!), here are some of my running loves.

Favorite Flavor Of Gu

Lemon Sublime, not doubt. While I love my sweets (and the Chocolate Outrage is just like eating frosting) my go-to Gus are always the fruity flavors. And I love the sour taste of Lemon Sublime, perfectly tangy on the run.

Favorite Running Partner

20171007_104739 (1).jpg

Well, since Vinnie is no longer able to run, I’d have to say Mike (even though he’s usually on the bike and not running). It’s just nice to be doing something together that’s not dinner or a movie plus he’s so supportive of my running. And he hasn't tried to run after any squirrels like Vinnie did on our runs.

Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

My Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones. I do not like running without music, an audiobook or podcast. I just need that distraction and time to myself. So I love my Jabra headphones because they are small and compact and last for hours, plus no cords for me to get tangled up in!

Favorite Stretch

Pigeon pose. It’s a difficult pose for me to hold but it’s awesome post-run for stretching out my hips. Plus it’s a reminder of how flexible I’ve gotten since it was such a difficult pose for me to get into at first.

Most Loved Medal

20171001_162553 (1).jpg

My Twin Cities Marathon medal. Mostly because it was my first marathon and the most serious training I’d had up to that point. But it’s also a super unique design that incorporates both the distance and the Twin Cities in Motion leaf. And it’s super heavy. If someone broke into the apartment, I could do some serious damage with that medal.

The Song I’ll Always Sing Along To


Well, it’s not as much as anything Hamilton related. They are just fun and have an awesome beat. Plus we are seeing it on September 1! So if you running in the Twin CIties and pass someone singing Hamilton songs, it’s probably me. I’m sorry that you had to hear as I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

What are some of your running loves? Let me know in the comments!


Training Tips Tuesday #7

Something that i’ve been enjoying after my weekend runs has been spending time in the sauna. During my summer training, I loved nothing more than a cool bath post-run but with all this cold I want something more. Of course, I still love my hot baths but the sauna is just a different form of relaxation.

I love how the sauna gives me time away from electronics (because heat and smartphones don’t mix) and the dark, heated room is so calming. Usually I have the gym sauna to myself which means I feel more comfortable throwing my legs up the wall or doing some self-massage.

Speaking of self-massage, the sauna makes it feel so much better on my legs. It’s probably because the heat warms them up more. So it feels awesome to dig into my calves after I’ve been in there for a couple of minutes. Well, not awesome but you know what I mean.

Have you tried out a sauna post-run? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 6

I’m back for another recap of my training for the Eau Claire Marathon! This week was a cutback week but I also had my first race of 2018. So let’s get into it!

Monday, February 5

Nothing too much to reports on my weights workout. I was still feeling sore all day long but it wasn’t because my legs were tight. Instead, my body just felt tired. Not surprising since I ran 34 miles the week before. But I just need to keep an eye on how I’m feeling and change up my cross-training/post-run mobility to make sure I’m not overworking myself.


Tuesday, February 4

3 miles ~ 32:20 ~ 10:45 min/mile

I worked a little bit later than usual (I had a meeting scheduled until 5 p.m.) so Tuesday was a pretty long day for me before I got my run in. It was cold outside too, below zero with the windchill, but I still bundled up and headed outside with my headlamp. My fingers were pretty cold at the beginning but they warmed up quickly. The only thing that felt pretty cold was my shoulders/chest area so I’ll be adding a thicker second layer for my 5K on Saturday.

Pacing-wise, I was a little bit up and down but I also didn’t look at my watch during the run so that was a win! My first mile was right around 11 minutes but I sped up for mile two. I can’t think of any reason why I did but the cold might have had something to do with it. Luckily, I had felt myself going fast and slowed down to a 10:45 final mile. I still need to work on consistency but at least I didn’t stare at my watch!


Usually I would have done core work after this run but I was just tired when I got home. I know I’d only feel like doing core or foam rolling and getting in the foam rolling was more important. My plan is still get in one day of core work this week but I might not get in two just based on my schedule.

Wednesday, February 7

7 miles ~ 1:16:12 ~ 10:52 min/mile

Another slightly warmer (aka the feels like temperature was not below zero) and a sunny day! I actually thought it would be slightly warmer on this run because of how sunny it was outside but there was a chilly wind going on.

I felt really good on this run and comfortable with the pacing. I was around 10:40-11 for my mile splits so some were close to marathon pace but I didn’t feel like I was really pushing myself. My calves felt really sore at the end of this run so I just need to work on stretching/rolling those out a little bit better.


It probably doesn’t help that I spent the entire day at work sitting at my desk working and didn’t get up and walk around a lot. I was also feeling really tired most of the day at work for the same reasons. I should probably turn on my inactivity alert on my watch so that it reminds me to get up and walk around every hour to avoid some of this stiffness. It’s just a bit annoying during meetings when I obviously can’t get up and get some movement in.

Thursday, February 8

3 miles ~ 32:03 ~ 10:39 min/mile

Another chilly run which making me look forward so much to spring. I’m just over the multiple layers whenever I go outside. I want to be able to walk Vinnie or go for a run without bundling up. But at least every day that goes by means we are getting closer to spring weather!

I had a quick paced run today and it didn’t feel like I was pushing myself. Which is good because I’ll have to run close to 9 minute miles to get a new 5K PR but not so great for following training pacing. But again, I didn’t watch my watch whole run which is one of my goals. And apparently this pace was feeling easy for me.


When I got home, I did get my first core workout in for the week. Since it was the first one, I did a 15 minute session. I’m still hoping to get in a second session (maybe after my long run on Sunday) but at least I got one in for the week.

I also had a package waiting for me since my Nuun singlet was delivered! It’s going to be a little bit longer before I can wear it to races but it fits and feels great. Mike also picked up our bibs and shirts for the Valentine’s Day 5K so we don’t have to arrive early.

Friday, February 9

I worked from home because my work laptop decided to crash on Thursday, which turned out to be good because I got my period. Which normally isn’t that bad but I was hit pretty hard by cramps and soreness this time. Just what I needed the day before a race…

Luckily, I found the perfect yoga video that felt amazing, Yoga for Cramps on Yoga with Adriene’s channel! I love Adriene’s videos and this one was super soothing and just what I needed for the low back pain and cramps. Plus, I got to use all the pillows to help make the poses feel more comfortable. I’d definitely recommend it if you are dealing with cramps.

Saturday, February 10

3.1 miles ~ 26:36 ~ 8:32 min/mile

If you haven’t already, check out my Valentine’s Day TC race recap for how my run on Saturday went! Since, it’s already out there, I won’t go over my race.


But one thing that did change was that after the race, we decided not to go to the baby shower. It just wasn’t going to work timing-wise, which sucks but we’ll get to see them at another time. Originally, I was going to get out for my other four miles of pace work after the race since we weren’t going. But by the time we got back to the car, I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. I was pretty cold at that point from waiting for Mike to finish and I knew my body didn’t need another four miles. So I decided to give my body a little bit extra rest and do 20 minutes of core work and foam rolling instead.

Sunday, February 11

10 miles ~ 1:50:53 ~ 11:05 min/mile

Not only was Saturday cold, but so was Sunday. There was more wind Sunday morning and it wasn’t going to get above 0 with the windchill until the afternoon. So instead, I took my 10 mile run to the treadmill

I don’t know what it was, but I was just cranky before my run (sorry Mike!). I think that marathon training in the winter is really getting to me with how cold it’s been and how many longer treadmill runs I’ve had to do. I’m really looking forward to more spring-like weather so I don’t have to bundle up or take it to the treadmill.

But the treadmill run felt really good. I had a pretty slow mile 9 (close to a 12 minute mile) which I’m not sure what that was about. I was texting Mike so my watch might have been measuring that mile quite right. But I finished off with a speedy 10:20 final mile as I tried to do a little bit more of a push at the end. I didn’t mean to go that fast but it did feel like I pushed myself good at the end.


And there’s week 6 of training! A bit more of a cutback than the plan called for but a pretty great week with a new PR! This coming up week, I’m upping the mileage across all my runs which should be interesting after cutting back on both my weekend runs this week.

How did your last week of training go? Let me know in the comments!