May Running Plans


May is a big months for me running and life-wise and my plans for the months break down into three categories:

  • Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon
  • Between Training Cycles
  • Marathon Training

Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon

Lake Minntonka Logo

I'll be running the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon on Sunday, May 7 so the first week of May is the last week of my taper. I have two easy runs of 40 minutes and a 30 minute interval before it along with two mobility workouts. I'm also planning on getting in a couple of sessions on the elliptical, a body-weight session and a core session during that week to keep me mobile without overexerting myself. And I'll be doing lots of foam rolling, I'm considering upping my sessions to 25-30 minutes especially since I won't be able to get a massage before the race.

I have two goals for this half: Goal A: New PR (faster than 2:20:57) Goal B: sub 2:15

I feel really confident that I will PR at the Lake Minnetonka half and have good shot at going sub 2:15. At my last race, a 10 miler in October, I averaged a 9:40 minute/mile pace and to go sub 2:15 I just need to go faster than 10:17. The 10 miler felt really great so I know even with the rolling hills of this course I can hold out at that pace. The one thing I am worried about is not having the distance at race pace on my legs but I'm trying to be confident in my training. There will be a post next Saturday with more of my thoughts on the marathon the day before.

Right after my half, my immediate plan is to go out for brunch and have a mimosa and either pancakes or waffles. Because I will have more than earned it.

Between Training Cycles

I have a huge event on May 13, six days after my half. I'm getting married! Yes, I planned a wedding and trained for a half at the same time. Technically, I trained for five races altogether during the year we were planning the wedding. It's was actually helpful for me because I would have gone crazy otherwise.

With the wedding, I'll be taking a week off of work and will be cutting back on my workouts. I'll continue foam rolling after every workout and I am hoping to get some 6-8 mile long runs in along with 3-4 mile runs during the week. I'll also keep my strength training on Mondays in and hopefully be more active due to nicer weather outside.

Marathon Training


I officially start training for the Twin Cities Marathon on May 29, which is why I'm trying to keep some regular running in around the wedding. There will be an in-depth post about my training and nutrition plans towards the end of May but I will be following Hal Higdon's Intermediate I marathon training plan. I will be keeping in the strength training and foam rolling, along with a yoga session once a week. I'm super excited to tackle this new distance and a little bit nervous!