Taper Week Two Review


If you haven't read them, check out my previous posts Running with Heart (Rates) and Taper Week One Review to learn more about my training. Week two of my taper is pretty similar in runs to the first week, which makes it interesting for comparisons between the two. Of course, as it's getting closer to the wedding, we're getting busier with last-minute things which makes it interesting to get everything in.

Sunday, April 23

Sunday's run was a repeat of the week before, a 55 minute run with a fast section at the end.

Warm-up: 10 minutes, zones 1-2 Work 1: 20 minutes, zone 2 Work 2: 20 minutes, zone 4 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

I wasn't thinking this was going to be a great run when I set out in the morning for a couple of reasons. Mainly because our couple's shower was the day before which meant a ton of food and wine for (mainly because we stopped on the way back to pick up a bottle of wine and snacks that did not last long). I was really surprised at how great the run felt going out though.  I decided to do an out-and-back from the apartment instead of driving to the river, even though I knew I wouldn't get back there on Saturday.

Starting off, I went faster than I did the week before (and then I normally do) so I wasn't surprised that my first work section was slower than the week before. My fast phase was also faster than the week before, which might have just been because it was mainly flat this week without any uphill sections. With the way I was feeling when I set out, I was impressed at how great the run ended up feeling.


2017 04 23 Sunday Run Mile Splits

2017 04 23 Sunday Run Phase Splits

Monday, April 24

Not too much changed this Monday from last Monday. I did the same warm-up on the elliptical and weights sessions as last week, adding in about 60 push ups altogether through the workout this time. It was so incredibly humid in the apartment gym though, the weather in Minnesota had been in the upper 60s but the A/C isn't turned on yet so the gym has been shut up most of the time without air flow.


2017 04 24 Monday Workout


This was my last strength training session of half marathon training, it's not on the schedule next week at all. I'll probably still do the elliptical on Monday along with body weight activities to keep everything limber but nothing to make me too sore.


Tuesday, April 25

It was raining when I got done with work. I wavered back and forth about running on the treadmill versus outside in the rain but eventually decided to tough it out in the rain. Partially because I hate the treadmill, partially because there's a chance it might be raining during my half. Might as well get some practice running in the rain while I can.

It wasn't too bad of a run, since I had been smart enough to check the forecast and threw my hat into the gym bag. I was soaked overall but my glasses were clear the entire run. I did get a little chilly during the run in a t-shirt and capris so if it is planning to be rainy and a similar temperature on race day I might wear a long-sleeved shirt during the race.

The same exact tempo run was on the schedule as last week and I ran it almost exactly the same, just a 7 second difference in my average pace:

Warm-up: 15 minutes, zones 1-2 Work 1: 10 minutes, zone 3 Work 2: 10 minutes, zone 4 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

2017 04 25 Tuesday Run Mile Splits

2017 04 25 Tuesday Run Phase Splits

Wednesday, April 26

Wednesday was wet and cold in Minnesota, which made me glad all I had to do was my core work and foam rolling. I got those in no problem but didn't hit my activity goal that day since I didn't get as many walks as I would like to due to the cold and rain.

Thursday, April 27

Still cold in Minnesota as I got back out for a run but no rain at least. I had to break out winter my running clothes for this one, including hat and gloves. I was hoping those had been put away permanently for the season but Mother Nature had different plans. It was about 32 when I started off on my run but at least there wasn't too much of a wind.

This was another zone 2 run the whole time, just cutback to 5 minutes from last week to 55 minutes:

Warm-up: 10 minutes, zones 1-2 Work: 40 minutes, zone 2 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

All in all, the run felt really good even with how cold it was. Still keeping up with my foam rolling after and it's feeling better every time. My calves aren't feeling as tight when I roll them out and I'm able to put more pressure on them while I foam roll. I am also getting a lot less foot cramps which I know stems from how tight the fascia is around my soleus muscle so it's another sign the time I spend foam rolling is helping. 


2017 04 27 Thursday Run Mile Splits

2017 04 27 Thursday Run Phase Splits

Friday, April 28

It was back to t-shirt and capris for my interval run and I think it made my run even more amazing. It might not seem like a big deal to have to run in a jacket and long pants for one day but after running outside through most of the winter I was not ready to go back to them (even though I will for Saturday's long run because I have to do an early run).

This was a repeat of last Friday's interval run:

Warmup: 16 minutes, zones 1-3 Work 1: 5 minutes, zones 4-5 Work 2: 2 minutes, zone 3 Work 3: 5 minutes, zones 4-5 Work 4: 2 minutes, zone 3 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

I tried not to go out so fast on the first five-minute interval and it really helped me feel more consistent with those two splits (I even added up going slightly faster the second time). It got me really pumped up for Saturday's run since I decided to go slightly off plan for this last long run before my half.

2017 04 28 Friday Run Mile Split

2017 04 28 Friday Run Phase Split

Saturday, April 29

Saturday's run was supposed to be 80 minutes in zone 2 (like all my other runs have been) but I sort of decided to throw that out the window. It was my last long run before my half and I felt like I needed to prove that I could run longer distances at a fast pace before the race.

So when I set out, I wasn't paying attention to heart rate or to my pace. I was just running what felt good and knowing I was going to run about 80 minutes. It was chilly that morning and I still ended up overdressing and having to tie my jacket around my waist by mile 3. But it felt awesome and I kept going fast. Faster than I thought I would.

Saturday Long Run

It was a little bit tougher towards the end because I was going straight into the wind but looking back at my splits I couldn't tell that I slowed down. I just worked harder to get it done. At the end, I finished eight miles altogether with an average pace of 9:36 minutes per mile. My goal pace for the half is 10:15, I think I'll have no problem with that!

2017 04 29 Saturday Run Mile Splits