What I'll be Listening to During My Half

Just a short post today about the playlist I created for the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon on Sunday since my life is a little crazy right now. You can listen to my entire playlist here on Google Play but I wanted to talk about a couple of songs in particular. All together, it's 2:17:36 but I should finish before the last song is done and hit my goal time of sub 2:15.


There's a theme to my playlist, a good amount of songs from the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton and Hamilton Mixtapes Vol. 1. I haven't seen Hamilton yet (we got season tickets to the Orpheum this year to have the first choice of seats when it comes to Minnesota for the 2017-2018 season) but I love the soundtrack and mixtape. I picked out my favorites and placed them throughout the playlist to give me that extra energy.

All I Want is You


This song is strategically placed at what should be right between miles 6 and 7, at the halfway point. It's our first dance song and since I will only see Mike at the beginning and end of this race (it's a point to point race) I figured I should put this in at a point where I need a pick me up. Mike always sing this song to me when it comes up and it will almost be like he's there.



This song is slower paced that you might expect since I'm gunning for a PR but this is my power song. I first heard it during a preview for The Huntsman: Winter War and I loved it. It should come on right at the end of mile 11/beginning of mile 12 give me an extra boost towards the end.

What are some of your must-have songs for a race playlist?