Taper Week Three Review


If you haven’t read them, check out my previous posts Running with Heart (Rates)Taper Week One Review and Taper Week Two Review to learn more about my training. Week three of my taper is where everything changes,  my runs are so much shorter (I only have 2 hours and 30 minutes on the plan this week) and I'm adding in extra cross-training to keep my legs moving without over-exerting myself.

Sunday, April 30

I was hoping to get this run done outside but it was raining on and off most of the day. Since I needed to go to the gym one last time in April to get the discount through my health insurance, I decided to hop on the treadmill there for my run. Mike and I were at my parents' over the weekend working on wedding things and seeing my nephew so I basically changed and went to  them gym when we got back. It also helped that I took a nap on the drive back. But, I didn't remember to have something to eat before heading out either which wasn't the best choice.

Instead of having a longer run with a fast section at the end, I had a forty minute tempo run:

Warm-up: 15 minutes, zones 1-2 Work 1: 10 minutes, zone 3 Work 2: 10 minutes, zone 4 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

The treadmill wasn't too bad but it's not something I would have chose to do if I didn't need to get that last gym session in for the month. The one nice thing is that my Polar M400 watch tracks mileage on the treadmill even without a foot pod. It matches pretty well with the treadmill as long as I don't take a break from running with the belt running.

I didn't cover as much distance in this run as last week's tempo run, probably because my legs were still tired from my crazy eight mile run the day before.

2017 04 30 Sunday Run Mile Splits

2017 04 30 Sunday Run Zone Splits

Monday, May 1

Usually, I'd be doing cardio and weights on Mondays but for this week I had nothing on my schedule. I didn't feel like not getting some cardio in at least so I aimed to do 60 minutes on the elliptical. Which I got close to doing. I was just so exhausted from not having coffee for the last two days and from the grey, rainy weather that I got 45 minutes in and called it done.

Which ended up being good since when I got back to the apartment, I discovered Vinnie had eaten something that didn't agree with him and he had puked in his kennel. He got out whatever bothered his stomach but I ended up cleaning the kennel and Vinnie got a second bath.

Tuesday, May 2

Back to running on Tuesday although it wasn't any speedwork. Instead, it was a 40 minute easy run:

Warm-up: 10 minutes, zones 1-2 Work : 25 minutes, zone 2 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

I was feeling much more awake than I did on Monday and the weather was also better. Sunny skies and warm temperatures so it felt good to get outside. I kept it at an easy pace and it felt really good. It seems that my soreness from Saturday's long run finally has gone away.

2017 05 02 Tuesday Run Mile Splits

2017 05 02 Tuesday Run Phase Splits

Wednesday, May 3

Wednesday was a complete rest day, no extra core work like I usually would. Instead, I just had two long walks with Vinnie and a walk mid-day at work. I didn't end up hitting my activity goal for the day but ended up at 76% of it with 14,503 steps. Still trying to keep active while not overexerting myself this close to the race!

Thursday, May 4

Interval run day came early this week! With the way tapering was scheduled this week, I got my tapering day early and no running on Friday. I took the afternoon off of work to get my bib and shirt for the Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon so I got an earlier run than earlier. It continued to be gorgeous outside, almost 70 when I got out for my run.

Warm-up: 13 minutes, zones 1-3 Work 1: 4 minutes, zones 4-5 Work 2: 2 minutes, zone 3 Work 3: 4 minutes, zones 4-5 Work 4: 2 minutes, zone 3 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

Slightly shorter than what I have been doing for interval runs lately and I managed not to go out too fast in m first interval!

2017 05 04 Thursday Run Mile Splits

2017 05 04 Thursday Run Phase Splits

Friday, May 5

No running once again but a good session on elliptical and core. 45 minutes of working out altogether along with a lot of walking since it was gorgeous outside. Sunny and in the 70s which is perfect for walking but not so great for working out in the gym when the air hasn't been turned on yet. At least it made for a good sweat session and there was no one else in there! I'm planning on using this core workout during marathon training since it's quick and effective.

2017 04 19 Core

Saturday, May 6

One more run before the half, just a repeat of Tuesday's run from this week:

Warm-up: 10 minutes, zones 1-2 Work : 25 minutes, zone 2 Cool-down: 5 minutes, zones 1-2

It was, once again, absolutely gorgeous outside. Sunny and not windy which made it feel awesome as I ran. It was nice to get one more easy run in to shake out the nerves before my race and it's probably the easiest thing I have done the day before a race. For my first half, I did an hour long spin class the night before. Would not recommend.

2017 05 06 Saturday Run Zone Splits

2017 05 06 Saturday Run Mile Splits

But I'm all ready to race tomorrow morning. If you haven't already, check out what I'm bringing along (plus some race strategy talk) and watch for a post tomorrow recapping how the Lake Minnetonka Half went!