What I'm Packing for the Half


Tomorrow is the Lake Minnetonka half where I'm confident about a new half PR and going sub 2:15. I have had one last easy run (the post about my last week of taper will be going up tomorrow) and my bag is packed. So, what am I bringing along?

Racing Gear

It will be about 45 and partly cloudy at race start tomorrow. Even though it won't be super warm I'm planning on dressing light in shorts and a tank top. I'll wear a hoodie and pants up until I get into my corral to keep me a little warmer but I find that I race better when I'm dressed in less layers. It was about 10 degrees cooler when I ran my 10 miler in October and this combination was perfect.


I'll be heading out with the 10 minute pacer (a 2:11 half marathon time) since the next pacer they have is a 10:30 minute which would put me at a 2:17 half. This also means I'll be going out in the third instead of fourth corral. I'll still be waiting about 40 minutes after we get into corrals before running so hopefully there's enough room to keep warm.

For fueling, I'll be bringing along my handheld bottle and three Gu Energy gels. I'll have the blackberry one when I get into my corral, the salted watermelon one at mile 5 and if needed, the sublime lemon at mile 10. There will be water and Gatorade on course but it's just easier to bring my own water for this race. And it makes it easier to carry my Gu.



Mike will have my post-race bag in the car and I'll have my hoodie and pants in there to throw on after. I also am bringing along my stick roller to take care of my calves a little after the race and my compression socks. We'll be eating brunch after the race and then driving back home so I will be sitting around for a while after I run.


Once we get, I'm planning on a nice warm epsom salt bath and a nap. I might even fall asleep in the car on the way back. But it's going to be all about letting my body recover afterwards.