Some of my Favorite Running Podcasts


Like I said in a previous post, I've been gravitate more towards listening to audio books on my runs. But for the rest of the day, whether I'm walking Vinnie, at work or running errands, if I'm listening to something it's probably a podcast. So I'm going to do a little three-part series on some of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Of course, I have to start with the running-related podcasts. None of these posts will be all of the podcasts I listen to but just a couple of my favorites.

Runner Girls

Runner Girls

Runner Girls was probably the first running podcast I listened to and ever since I found it I've been listening consistently. I don't even remember when or how I found Sue, Katie and Meagan but I feel like I'm listening to friends each time they are in my ears. The one thing that has really kept me listening is how real all three of them are with their running (or lack of at points). And they aren't "experts" on running but I love hearing their perspective on training, races, gear and all other things tangentially running related. I've also liked how this podcast evolved from all three training for their first half marathons to them training for separate goals and how they bounce off each other as they go through their training. This is also the podcast that made me think more about running my first marathon last year when Meagan was training for her first marathon.

It's a lot more casual conversation about all things running so if you are looking for expert advice for elite runners, this might not be the podcast for you. But if you want to hear three friends chat about running and running-related topics, I'd suggest you give them a chance!

Ali on the Run

Ali on the Run Show

This is a pretty new podcast (both to me and in general) but I love listening to Ali every week. Like Runner Girls, Ali has this casual, non-expert approach to talking about running. And she does great interviews with people who I have never heard about before (a plus when it sometimes seems like there one person making the podcast interview rounds). A new aspect to the podcast that I love is the Tuesday non-interview podcasts Ali has been putting out. I think my favorite of these so far has been episode 16 We Were All New Runners Once! where Ali and Lucy Wallace talk about the things they didn't know or understand when they started running. I was giggling through the whole episode!

Another Mother Runner

Another Mother Runner

I do listen to more technical running podcasts! Although I'm just a fur-mom right now, Another Mother Runner is a great podcast because the focus is so much on women of all kinds running and not just specifically mother runners.

Like with Ali on the Run, Another Mother Runner has a great selection of interviews to check out. And you some great chat to start out the podcast between the rotating hosts (each which has a different thing they talk about so you can remember who is who). I'm excited that Another Mother Runner is going to be at Twin Cities Marathon this year so I can let them know in person who much I appreciate their podcast!