Some of my Favorite Health and Fitness Podcasts


A couple of days ago, I wrote about my favorite running podcasts. Now, I want to tell you about some of my favorite non-running health and fitness podcasts. This, or any of these posts, are in no way the only podcasts I listen to and I'd love to hear your recommendations!

Girls Gone WOD

Girls Gone Wod

I love Joy and Claire. I do not do Crossfit at all but I could listen to them talk Crossfit for forever. But this is not a podcast just about Crossfit but a whole range of topics related to health, fitness and body image (plus random chitchat).

A common theme in the podcasts I'm sharing is how relatable Joy and Claire are. Sure they are strong women doing Crossfit but it just feels like you are listening to a couple of friends talk about trying to adult. And they do great interviews! So many of their podcasts are interviews but my favorite ones have been with Julie Bauer Roth (of PaleOMG, who also has a great podcasts now #BonusRecommendation).

Balanced Bites

Balanced Bites

I will say, Balanced Bites does have a Paleo lifestyle approach which isn't for everyone. I did Paleo for a little bit but I still love listening to Diane and Liz. They both have a "do what works for you" way of looking at things, backed by scientific evidence on what they talk about. And you can find a podcasts on almost any topic you can think of in their archive that is handily sorted by topic.

I do not listen to every episode of Balanced Bites, sometimes the person or topic just isn't interesting to me. But I listen to most of the episodes and also enjoy those ones. Plus, they drop all the Mean Girls references.

The Dumbbells

the bumbells

Yes, I listen to podcasts with male hosts! It just happens that a lot of my favorite ones have females hosts when it comes to running and fitness because it's more relatable. But I've really been enjoying the Dumbbells because it isn't the typical "fitness is serious business" approach other male hosts take. Probably because the hosts are comedians.

Yes, in this podcasts Eugene and Ryan sit down with a guest (many who are comedians also) to talk about their guest's fitness journey and give some advice on how they can reach their goals. Then, all three answer questions from the audience. Even though neither of the hosts claim to be fitness professionals, I'm hearing from them what I've heard from a lot of other places (in a more entertaining way) so I trust what they are saying. And so many of their guests were fat kids growing up and I love hearing about others who have a similar journey as mine.