Some of my Favorite Non-Running Podcasts


I've written about my favorite running podcasts and my favorite fitness podcasts. Now we get to what makes up the bulk of my podcast listening, those about non-fitness, non-running things. I listen to so many podcasts so these are just some of my favorites.

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend


I've listened to Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend (ARIYNBF) for a loooong time and I feel like Alison (and the rest of the Thursday gang) really are some of my friends. Thursday shows are great chit-chat sessions going from topic to topic with a group of regulars (plus rotating guests) that I listen to every week. It gets into some really personal subjects that you might not hear on a normal podcast, like Alison's struggling with infertility (that ended with her finally having a little boy via IVF treatments) plus fun segments like Snack Chat.

Mondays are one-on-one interviews, which I'll admit I don't always listen to. I usually will if I'm interested in the person Alison is interviewing or the description is intriguing. Alison is a great interviewer though and the Monday episodes I listen to are always great.


Sawbones I listen to a ton of McElroy podcasts and it was tough to pick just one. But Sawbones might be my favorite of them all. Justin and his wife Sydnee talking about the crazy ways people have tried to "cure" diseases throughout history. Syndee is a doctor in real life, while Justin is the bumbling everyman in terms of his medical knowledge. They make a great team (even when the topic gets a little gross) and each episode is so entertaining.

There is a huge back catalog for you to explore of different diseases, people in medicine and medical treatments so just jump in and binge listen. Recently, they've had a couple of podcasts that relevant to current political topics (Immigration Medicine and Health Insurance) that I would recommend listening to. Also check out the other McElroy and MaxFun podcasts!


Foodstuff If there is one thing I love more than eating, it's hearing about the history of food. And that is exactly what FoodStuff is about. Like with Sawbones, I listen to a lot of the HowStuffWorks podcasts but FoodStuff is a new favorite of mine. There aren't a ton of podcasts to listen to but it is so interesting to hear about the history of different food topics. I never thought I could be interested in almost an hour of the history and science of champagne but it was great!