My Top Three Gear Must Haves

Another super quick post today but one that is important. My must have gear items for running. Nothing is way fancy but it's evolved from when I first started running.


I ran with an armband for way too long, around 9 months before getting my Flipbelt for Christmas. And it wasn't just one armband, I went through at least two during those 9 months. Summer running was gross because all the sweat would pool under the armband and I felt like it had to get washed every time I used it because of that. And that velcro would stick to everything around.

I feel like the Flipbelt changed how I carried things when I run. I didn't have this extra weight on my arm and my keys had a much safer place to go (there's a little clip they attach to without being bulky like they were in the armband). And I didn't have to get a new armband with each new phone. I've had my Flipbelt for three years and it's in the same shape as when I got it. I'm considering getting a second one just to switch between them during marathon training.

Roller Stick

I've been foam rolling for a while (there are two in the apartment right now, one full sized and one travel sized) but adding in a roller stick has made a difference to how my calves feel. I own the Idson Muscle Roller Stick and it gets much deeper in my calve muscles than I can using the foam roller. Of course, it's more painful but I've had a decrease in muscle cramps and soreness since adding that into my recovery.

Typically, I try to foam roll for 20 minutes altogether and start off using the roller stick. I use it all over my calves for one minute per side and also on my thighs before switching to the foam roller. I occasionally also use the roller stick on the bottom of my feel which feels great after a long run.

Jabra Wireless Headphones

I've run with another pair of wireless headphones but I love my Jabra ones so much. I use them almost year-round and it is so nice to be running (and working out in general) without getting wrapped up in the cord. I don't wear them on runs outside during the winter since the battery life would get killed in the Minnesota cold but they are awesome on the treadmill.

What are some of your running gear must haves?