What I Eat Post-Run

I always try to get in some food post-run and lately (especially with the weather getting warmer) my go-to post-run meal is a smoothie. It's an customizable way to get in protein and carbs that travels easily so it can be waiting for me right after my run. I especially love making smoothies now that we have a new blender! For the past five or six years, I've been using a cheap blender from Target. I'm seriously impressed it has lasted this long because I've gotten on some smoothie kicks and I love to thicken up my smoothies by using ice. But it was loud and getting on it's last legs. I was just waiting for it to decide to kick the bucket.

Of course, when we were going through Bed, Bath and Beyond to put together our registry, I had to add a blender to it. We decided (well, I decided since I'm the one who uses it most of the time) on the Cusinart Velocity Ultra 1 HP Blender which comes with two travel cups you can blend right into! That feature is what sold me on it because a lot of the time I'm taking Vinnie on a walk with me right after I get back from a run. This makes it so much faster to blend up a quick smoothie to take on the walk and it's a lot less clean up.


So, what do I put in my smoothies? I usually keep it pretty simple and just do a banana, water, ice and protein powder (I use MyProtein Whey and it's amazing, you can use my referral code JENNIFER-R45T to get 25% off your first order of $30+ and I'll get $10). But now that I've upped my carbs for marathon training I have more to get in and I'm trying to add those into my post-run (or workout on strength training days) smoothie. For yesterday's smoothie I added in a half cup of oatmeal which also helps thicken it up.


I ordered some plain vanilla protein powder with my last MyProtein order so I can mix up the fruits I use in my smoothies more. I have doing just a banana because it's pretty much flavorless so I'm excited to add in some different frozen fruits (especially berries). I'll also be adding in frozen spinach because it's extra nutrients without a whole lot of taste. Adding everything in when it's frozen helps thicken it up even more. which I personally love. And it will make it more satisfying post-run during the summer because it will be extra cold.

What is your favorite smoothie combination (or other post-run food)?