June Running Plans


June is going to be all about getting into the groove with marathon training. My first three days of marathon training will be in May and that's what the focus of my life will be. Of course I have some other fun things planned in June too and most of those are fitness related. But first, marathon training. Nothing too crazy in terms of run lengths but it will be more mileage than I am used to. My long runs will be 8, 9, 6 and 11 miles (plus a 12 mile run on July 2). The mileage breakdown by week is:

  • May 29-June 4: 24 miles
  • June 5-11: 25 miles
  • June 12-18: 22 miles
  • June 19-25: 29 miles
  • June 26-July 2: 30 miles

I was right around 25-30 miles per week at the end of half training but I'll be having more weekend mileage than mid-week during marathon training. Which will probably mean all the naps on the weekends. I'm ready to get in some consistent long runs since my half training didn't have as long of runs as past training cycles.

I will also be trying to a couple of different yoga videos from Yoga with Adrienne on Fridays (which is technically my rest day but I wanted to add in some extra mobility work. If you want to check out what I have lined up I created a Youtube playlist. Plus my weekly recaps will talk about which ones I have done.

A couple of other things I'm looking forward to in June:

  • Yoga and brunch with a couple of local women I met through a fitness group (aka competing to see who is the least flexible and then eating all the food)
  • My birthday (June 13)! Mike and I will be hitting up Pizza Luce for brunch (because we got a BOGO coupon in the mail and brunch is life)
  • Podcast recording! I will be on an upcoming episode of Runner Girl's Podcast talking about the Lake Minnetonka half. Watch my Instagram because I will be posting up a storm when the episode is up.

What does your June look like?