Getting Ready for Early Morning Runs

One thing that will be new during my marathon training cycle is that I'll be running before work during the week and trying to get out as early as possible for my weekend runs. Which means I've got extra work to do ahead of time for these runs. I'll only be running before work once a week (on Wednesdays so I can go to knitting group at night) and luckily I have extra vacation time to use up so  I won't be going in until 10 a.m. But it also means that I need to have everything for the full day with me when I leave for my run since it won't be easy to go back for them. Vinnie does pretty good if we come back in to grab something after he's kenneled up but I'd rather not risk him getting worked up. I'll be getting up at about 4:30 a.m., having breakfast, taking Vinnie out for a walk and then getting my run in. Luckily, I have an L.A. Fitness membership so I can go there to foam roll and shower post-run.

The key for me in making sure my Wednesdays run smoothly is going to be packing everything up the night before. This will include:

  • Post-workout smoothie
  • Lunch
  • Work clothes
  • Showering supplies
  • Foam roller

It will be interesting to see if I miss anything the first day. Or if I just feel like I'm forgetting something the whole time I'm out on my run. But it will be nice to get my mid-week runs done earlier in the day, especially since they will be between 5-8 miles and I would not want to do that in full summer heat.

The weekend runs won't be as bad if I don't have anything going on right after (which will be happening for the first two weeknds of June) but at least I don't have to worry about getting everything ready for a workday on top of my running supplies.

What are your tips for making a morning run go smoothly?