May Running in Review


May was a big month with both a new half marathon PR and the start of training for my first marathon so I wanted to do a little recap of the month. May Running in Review


I think the biggest accomplishment (outside of getting married) during May was my 2:10:51 half marathon PR. It was an amazing way to kick off the month and has given me a lot of excitement to take into marathon training. I didn't have any horrible runs besides the run that I had to cut short so it was a pretty good month focused on recovery and getting ready to take on 26.2.

May was a lighter month running wise since I took some time to rest after the half but I'll be up above 100 miles in June. My average pace dropped 45 seconds from April since I was done with heart rate training at the beginning of the month but I won't be surprised to see that go up as marathon training goes on since my race pace target is 11:00 minutes/mile.

Diet-wise, I've upped my macros to marathon training for the last week or so and I'm feeling really good. I'm up a little bit from my ideal 130-135 lb range but I'm guessing it's a combination of my salt and alcohol intake over the holiday weekend and I should be dropping back to normal pretty quickly. I'm still working on getting my carbs up enough since it comes down to having the right food around and wrapping my mind around eating more in general.

In what I listen to during my runs, I'm still working on An Echo in the Bone. Since I didn't run as much during May (and I didn't always listen to audiobooks), I'm only on chapter 47 of 115. But I'm loving the book (although there's more time/location jumping than the last book in the series) and hoping to finish it by the end of June.