Twin Cities Marathon Training: Week One


Week one of training. It's always an interesting process getting settled into a new program and this was no different. Plus, I had a to contend with it suddenly being a hot summer in Minnesota.

Monday, May 28

Since it was Memorial Day, I was off work so I was able to head to LA Fitness to get my first workout of marathon training in. Which is good since I needed that visit to hit hit my amount needed to get my $20 fitness discount from my health insurance company.

I got there right when they opened at 8 a.m. and got on the elliptical for a quick warm-up. I spent about twenty minutes on there but concentrated on getting my heart rate up by doing the intervals workout and sprinting for half of the easy intervals. It worked out pretty good and I was nice and sweaty when I was done.

Then I moved onto weights, which felt really good for the first day of training. Usually I start a brand new weight routine with each new training cycle and I'm fumbling around with what I'm doing. But since I've been doing this routine for a couple of weeks I felt pretty comfortable with it.


I'm not doing any heavy weight training during marathon training, especially since it will be the day after a long run. I'm using 15-25 lb weights, enough to keep my strength up and help maintain muscle with all the mileage I'm putting on.

Tuesday, May 29

Tuesday was a partial day off for me so I could go get my name changes with Social Security and renew my driver's license. Of course, I also got my run in before I did some work from home so that Vinnie didn't have to be in and out of his kennel. It was suppose to be an easy three miles but I may have pushed myself a little bit hard on this run.


It actually felt pretty good but I'm going to try and not race every run because there's going to come a time when that will not feel at all. After I got home and got Vinnie on a walk, I wanted to try something new before doing my foam rolling. Before I left this morning, I read "5 Things I Learned From Throwing My Legs Up A Wall Everyday" and was inspired to give it a try. I'm trying to have a big focus on recovery this training cycle so it couldn't hurt.

I did 10 minutes with my legs up the wall and it felt pretty good. I didn't have a problem with how long I did since I was listening to a podcast at the same time but Vinnie was very interested in what I was doing. It might have been that the only wall I could do it against was in the hallway and I was blocking him from his water dish and from wandering down to the bedroom. It also could have been that he decided it was good time to get extra scratches in.

Wednesday, May 31

This was my first morning weekday run and I was so nervous about forgetting something! I checked my bags about five times before I kenneled Vinnie up and headed out on my run. But eventually I did head out the door just a little bit before 7 a.m.

It was a gorgeous morning for a run, sunny and the perfect weather. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to put on sunscreen before heading or grab my sunglasses. I did manage to keep it at an easier pace (averaging around 10:30 minute pace per mile).


After my run, I headed to the gym to do some foam rolling and get ready for work. I didn't do legs up the wall just because I'm not comfortable with pulling that out at the gym yet but I will continue to do that after other runs. I'm still getting used to doing 20 minutes of foam rolling everyday but it's getting slightly easier (although still painful in spots).

I also signed up for the Bear Water Run 20 miler on September 9 in White Bear Lake, MN! It falls on the weekend of my second 20 mile run so it will be a great way to try out my marathon plan in a supported race.

Thursday, June 1

First day of June and it was a hot one! It was 80° and sunny when I headed out after work for my run. I only had a short 3 miles but I was also on a tight timeline. I left the house at about 4:35 but I needed to get my run and mobility in (and hopefully a shower) before I got on a 6 p.m. call with Runner Girls Podcast about my recent half marathon.


I made it back with enough time (cutting my foam rolling down to 10 minutes but I did 6 minutes with my legs up the wall) but I was not at all prepared for that heat. I went out too fast on the first mile which caused me to walk parts of mile 2 (along with the fact that I went up a hill in mile 2) but got back on track for mile 3. At least the good about running in the heat (once I get adapted to it) is that it will be awesome running the Twin Cities Marathon since October highs are usually in the 50s.

Friday, June 2

Friday was another hot day, close to 90° and sunny, so I was glad it was a rest day. But to keep up with my mobility during marathon training I decided to make it a yoga day. So while Vinnie slept on the couch (he went to work with me and it apparently was a very rough day) I got my yoga on.

I've done yoga on and off for a while so I'm not completely unfamiliar with it. But I've made it part of my race training so it will be interesting to see how I feel later on in training with the extra stretching. I ended up doing two videos (Core Strength Ritual and 7-Minute Yoga for Runners) since the first one was 23 minutes and I'm trying to get in 30 minutes at a minimum. It felt good to do something more low-key but my core was burning during that first video!

Saturday, June 3

Another day, another hot run! It was about 74° when I started my run and sunny, although there was a little bit of a breeze so it wasn't too humid yet. Today was a race pace run, which I am aiming for 11 minute miles. My average pace was 10:50 minutes/mile but as you can see I was a little all over the place and way too fast at some points. At mile 3, you can tell I was feeling the heat especially since I didn't think to bring water with me. Luckily, now that we are past Memorial Day the water fountains have been turned on and I got some water during this mile. Future runs during the summer, I am carrying water.


Overall, it was a great feeling run but I need to work on pacing myself. That first mile was really close to what I was aiming for and then I went too fast on the rest. Good thing I have 17 more weeks of training to work on it! Again, I did legs up the wall after this run and it felt amazing. Probably because I was so sweaty and lying in the air conditioned apartment was heavenly.

Sunday, June 2

Rinse and repeat, another hot and sunny run. And the first long run of marathon training! I headed to the lakes in Minneapolis to do my run in a new place, especially since it will be the area where most of the marathon will be taking place. I'd never run there before so it was a nice to have a change of scenery (even though I wasn't quite sure of the paths to take to get to other lakes, I ended up running around Calhoun and Lake of the Isles).


As you can tell, I didn't do the greatest on keeping my pace slower as I should have. Most of them were sub 11 minute miles but it did feel really good even in the heat. So maybe my marathon training should be closer to 10:45 minute miles? It's something I'll be thinking about in the upcoming weeks and doing some digging into.

It was a gorgeous run and I was so tempted to get into the lake after my run. I didn't since I was meeting up with some local ladies for yoga and brunch but next Sunday I will be going in! I'm sure the water is freezing cold since it's early in the summer but it will feel so good after the run.

Next week will be almost the same for training, except for a nine mile long run. I'll be running even earlier on Sunday since we are heading up to St. Cloud to visit my family for a join birthday/Father's Day celebration so maybe it will be a little cooler when I'm running? Probably not since we are the 80s this entire week but at least I'll be getting into the lake.

How was your last week?