Twin Cities Marathon Training: Week Two


The heat continued on during this week as I continued on with marathon training. Good thing week two was pretty much a repeat of the first week, just with an extra mile on Sunday's long run.

Monday, June 5

Not too much to report for Monday. The strength training felt good, although I got pretty sweaty since it was in the 80s and I had turned down the air a little in the apartment gym. It was on full blast when I got in and freezing. I'd much rather get sweaty than be shivering during my workout!

I was pretty excited to get in my strength training because I saw some new leg muscles started to pop out during yoga on Sunday! Even though I'm not doing heavy training, seeing my muscles come out is always exciting and it gives me a reason to push through what can be a harder workout (especially since it's the day after a long run). Plus, the episode of Runner Girls Podcast with my race recap came out so I had that to listen to for motivation. Id' suggest checking it out to listen to the three different half marathon recaps (plus Sue's 50K recap).

Tuesday, June 6

Another hot run in the sun (rinse and repeat for the rest of summer). It wasn't too bad but it could have been better if I went out slower at first. I really think I would have been more consistent in my pacing if I didn't think that my body feeling great at the beginning meant I should run at a normal pace.


I literally laid in the grass (in the shade of course) for a couple of minutes as soon as I turned off my watch. It felt really good and if Vinnie wasn't waiting to get out of his kennel I would have laid there for a little longer. I did end up throwing my legs up the wall after getting Vinnie out on a walk and it felt just as good in the air-conditioned apartment. I just had to deal with Vinnie trying to lick the salt off my face while doing it.

Wednesday, June 7

It's my second favorite day in June (since my birthday and our one month wedding anniversary are the 13th), Global Running Day! And I had a fantastic run that morning, especially after Tuesday afternoon's run. It helped that it was about 20º cooler than Tuesday afternoon so I didn't feel like I was sweating to death on my run.


I did the same route as I did last Wednesday and kept the average pace right around 10:30 right again. I was trying to keep it around 10:45-11 for each mile so I did pretty good for miles 1, 3 and 4. I have no idea how I pulled out a 10:19 mile at the end there but I know I was feeling amazing that last mile. My headphones also died at 4.25 miles so maybe not listening to an audiobook helped me go faster? Which means I should continue to listening to audiobooks (and remember to charge my headphones before heading out)!

Thursday, June 8

I really tried on Thursday's run to slow down in the first mile so that I wouldn't burn out later miles. It was once again hot and sunny so I set out with my handheld bottle filled with water. I kept on repeating "slow, slow" to  myself in my head even though it felt like I was crawling along. The first mile was still about 20 seconds faster than the last two but I felt better after than my other three mile runs.


I also got to try out my new Brooks Ghosts 9s which was awesome! I've been running in the Brooks Launch 3s since January so it was nice to try out something new. The Ghosts 9s have more cushioning (and are a little bit heavier) than the Launch 3s but it felt really good on this shorter run. It will be interesting to see how they feel on some longer runs, I may switch over to Ghosts as my main shoes. They've been added into my shoe rotation so I can decided.

Friday, June 9

Friday came and it was finally rest day! I had a short day at work (like I like throughout the entire summer) but I didn't head home when I was done. Instead, I headed over to get a massage. I've been going to see Valerie at Emphasis Massage since the end of February and I have felt a big improvement in my recovery. I usually go once or twice a month but I hadn't been since before the wedding and did I ever need it! Usually she concentrates on my lower body (especially my calves) but since I hadn't been in a while I had to do an all over massage. And she got into some spots I didn't even realize were sore until she got to them. I'll be going back in two weeks to get back on a regular schedule.

After I got home and got Vinnie on a walk, I did a Yoga for the Feet video, which was pretty interesting. It felt really good since I don't do a lot of focusing on stretching my feet but it was also strange to do a lot of foot focused stretching (and massaging). I was going to get in foam rolling too but after my massage my body was way too tender to be foam rolled. I figured with an hour-long massage, I was good to skip the foam rolling for a day.

Saturday, June 10

Back to running! Today was a five mile run, although not at race pace this time (good thing because I wasn't that close to 11 minute miles for the first two miles). Mike joined me on the bike and met me at two points along the route (along with meeting me outside at the apartment). Even though we left at 8 a.m., it was almost 80º, sunny, windy and humid. I didn't even wear a shirt and instead was part of the #SportsBraSquad running because who really wants that extra wet fabric on them?


It was a pretty good run but I didn't even try to go at race pace. I felt like I was going slower that first mile...and then my watch beeped and showed me I did a 10:16 minute mile. And then a 10:10 minute mile for number two. Ooops. It even out in the end as I started feeling the heat (and the wind) and I wound up with a 10:40 average pace.

Sunday, June 11

I went to bed Saturday nigh fully expecting I'd be getting up 4:30 a.m., get changed, grab a gu and head right out on a run. When I went to bed, the forecast said thunderstorms would be starting at 7 a.m. which meant I'd have to get out right away to get my nine miles in.

Luckily, when I got up with my alarm, I checked the forecast and the thunderstorms had been pushed back to 10 a.m. Which meant I could eat breakfast before my run and also go out to Lake Calhoun to run! I ended up running around Lake Harriet also (figured out where the path was between those two weeks), where Mike and I ran our first Valentine's Day 5K in -20º!

It was much warmer than that today (and also humid ahead of the thunderstorms) so I had an awesome run and got closer to that 10:45-11 minute average pace. Plus, I was able to wade in the water afterward and the cold water felt amazing on my legs.


About 45 minutes after I got home, we got hit by hail, rain and wind. It was Vinne's first hailstorm so he watched as it fell outside the apartment. Luckily, we didn't have any damage but in other areas of the Twin Cities they got the plows out to clear the hail! Not too long after I got showered and changed, we headed up to my parent's to celebrate my birthday/Father's Day. It was an awesome day (and I got some snuggles from my nephew) but I didn't nap at all which is unusual. It's about 8 pm. as I'm writing this up and I'm really feeling it. Good thing next week is a cutback week for my long run, I'll be doing six miles but my other runs will be the same length. And it looks like I'll be on the treadmill for Tuesday and Wednesday's runs due to heat and thunderstorms.

How was your last week?