Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Qualo Ring


I've been wearing a ring now since April 2015 and it feels really strange whenever I don't have it on. Really, I feel naked without it. So, since I got married and started marathon training last month, I wanted to look at what else I could wear when I didn't want to be wearing my ring. There's not a whole lot of times I don't wear my ring. I take it off for working out, showering and sleeping. That's really about it. But with marathon training, I'm doing a lot more of the working out and it feels strange to be out and about without a ring on. One thing that Girls Gone WOD have recommended in the past is the Qualo ring. A silicon ring that you can wear anytime that you might not want to be wearing your usual ring.

Off to Amazon I went to purchase a Qualo ring (because two-day shipping is the best). There was a huge selection of ring colors and I went back and forth between a couple different colors before selecting purple (that also had a little heart on the band).

I've been wearing my Qualo ring for three weeks now and love it! It doesn't feel uncomfortable or gets in my way while running or lifting weights. I can also go straight into the shower with it in, which is great for those days I just want to get the sweat off of me asap. I also really like that it came with a zippered pouch, I keep my regular ring in there while I'm wearing the Qualo ring and I don't have to worry about losing them.

What do you do with your rings while you workout? Do you have a silicon ring you wear?