A New Combo I'm Trying: Yoga + Running


One new thing I am doing with marathon training is incorporating yoga in on a regular basis (every Friday as part of my rest day). In the past, I've done yoga and off but with no real consistency. I've done classes at LA Fitness at times, but there's no a whole lot of consistency in teachers (and therefore in if classes were going to be held or not). With my training for the Lake Minnetonka Half, I tried doing a 30 days of yoga challenge but getting in 30-40 minutes of yoga everyday on top of training and the rest of my life just didn't work out. Now, I'm incorporating yoga in a different way. I'm doing on my rest days, when I don't have to worry about getting a run in or doing something else. It also helps that I have summer hours now so my Fridays are shorter days at work and I get home earlier. I am also doing Youtube videos (mostly from Yoga with Adrienne but I'm open to more suggestions) which means I can do it at home and not have to worry about if a class is actually going to happen.

I'm still getting used to doing yoga at home. In a class setting, I feel like I have fewer distractions but at home, all bets are off. Vinnie has really good so far, mainly because we go on a longer walk right before so he mainly flops on the couch and watches me. But there's been times in the past when he's been very interested in what I've been doing and has tried to "help out".

I also have to fight the urge to look at my phone since I'm only accountable to myself when I'm doing yoga at home.  It's a lot harder to fit the urge to goof off when you are alone. I've found myself glancing at my phone a lot more than I should when doing yoga at home. It would probably help if I didn't keep my phone right by me for the 30 or so minutes it takes me to go through it.

But, pretty soon here, I'll be settled into a routine with yoga. And that's when I think I'll get the most benefit from it. Not only the added flexibility and stability, but the quietness I feel when doing yoga. My mind keeps on spinning while I'm running, remembering things I have to do or should be doing but I have to concentrate more during yoga and those thoughts get pushed out of my mind. And with how hectic my life is during training, a little time without thoughts spinning through my mind would be nice.