Twin Cities Marathon Training: Week Three


Week three of training was a cutback week (just for my long run) plus I started using my new pacing strategy!

Monday, June 12

Monday was tough for me to get into the mood for a workout. I was still worn out from my long run and working the whole day meant I was even more exhausted by the time I got on the elliptical. It didn't help that rain showers popped up all of a sudden either. I pushed myself through 20 minutes on the elliptical, trying to keep it at a fast pace as I did an up/down hill session. Then, I got my weights and switched on a podcast to start the strength training.

And I just wasn't feeling it and was dragging. I wasn't feeling horrible going through the moves but I just wasn't excited. And listening to a podcast wasn't helping either. So I took a tip from myself and switched over to music. I just picked a playlist that showed up on Google Music (Ultimate '00 Dance Party) and my entire mood switched around. It's crazy how changing what you listen to can change around your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 13

Tuesday was a much better day. For one, I had gone to bed with Vinnie at about 8:30 the night before and slept all the way until my alarm went off the next morning. Plus it was also my birthday and our one month wedding anniversary.

I left work early to get my run in so that I could relax a little bit earlier (Mike works late on Tuesdays so between running, walking Vinnie, foam rolling, eating dinner and washing dishes I tend not to sit down until 7:30 or 8). Even so, it was so hot and humid outside that I didn't want to risk running outside. Onto the treadmill it was to try out my new pacing plan for the marathon.


I was aiming for around an 11 minute average pace for this run and hit it almost right on. My first mile was slightly slower since I slowed down to walk for a little bit to take a sip of water (I was drenched even though I was running in an air-conditioned gym). Because I did that, I decided to pick up the pace a little bit more in the last mile and it felt really good.

Once Mike got home, he gave me my birthday present: flowers and a matching pink Flipbelt! I had put it onto the Amazon wish list and he decided to get it, he knew I was wanting one since with marathon training my current one gets pretty gross and needs time to air out. This one is slightly different from my old one since it has a zippered pocket on one side instead of them all being open. Even though I've never had anything fall out of it, it will be nice to zip up my phone and have it be extra secure.


Wednesday, June 14

Another morning run but I almost thought I was going to be running five miles on the treadmill. With the heat and humidity comes storms and it was looking like thunderstorms were going to be rolling in Wednesday morning. They didn't but that also meant it was pretty humid on my run.


This was my second run using my new pacing strategy and it went...ok? Too slow for the first mile (which I could really feel that I was going too slow), then too fast in the second mile. I felt I was going fast in that second mile but I wasn't expecting to see a sub 10 minute mile. By the time I got to the last two, I felt much better about my pacing since I was paying closer attention to my watch. Not being glued to it but glancing to see what my current pace was, which I think I'll be doing for a while as I get used to what my paces are supposed to feel like.

Thursday, June 15

One more treadmill run and it was pretty tough. Probably a combination of tired legs from running the last two days and the fact that there was no air circulation at LA Fitness. I might have been better off running outside in the 80-something degree weather but there I was. I had to take a couple of walking breaks in the second and third mile to sip on water (should have brought my handheld) but kept my running sections at 11:07-ish pace.


After I was done on the treadmill, and soaking with sweat, I decided to get in a core session before foam rolling and heading home. Mike was making dinner so I didn't need to worry about getting home to make dinner. My core was burning at the end of the 15 minutes but I know the more work I put in my core the better it is for my running since it helps stabilizing my entire body.


Friday, June 16

Every single week, I'm more grateful for Fridays being rest days. I'm putting my body through a lot and it feels so good to have a lower activity day. Continuing on the theme of doing core work, I decided to do Yoga for the Core (and Booty!) from Yoga with Adriene. Again, it felt like my core was on fire after this video but it felt really good. I followed it up with foam rolling and focused a lot of my quads and hamstrings which seems to be the most tender spots from running. Not surprising since my marathon training is faster paced than my heart rate training was.

Saturday, June 17

This was my first pace run since changing up my pacing strategy so I was excited and nervous for it. Mike was going to join me on his bike but his allergies were flaring up so he stayed behind. Since I was aiming for a 10:30 average pace, I turned on the Hamilton soundtrack for extra motivation.


The first three miles felt really good, even with mile 2 being a little fast, but in mile 3 I was really warming up and feeling the sun beating down on me. I really slowed down in mile 4, trying to compensate for going too fast in mile 2, but got back on track in the final mile. It felt like a really good run and I'm so glad I changed up my pacing strategy.

Sunday, June 18

One final run for the week and since this week was a cutback week I only had 6 miles to do. Of course, I had my new pacing strategy so it was nice to have a shorter long run to  try out the pacing on. Ideally, I'd be between 11:07-12:16 for my long run but I was hoping to keep it to 11 minutes or slower for my average pace. Mike was also joining me for this run, which was great since he wasn't feeling up for it yesterday!


Overall, I thought I did pretty good. I had those two faster miles but my average was close to 11 minutes and most of my miles were right in the 11-11:10 range. My legs were really feeling it at the end of mile four (probably because I was going too fast) and I was ready for some foam rolling once I was done. I also had Mike fill up the tub with cool water so I could soak in it once I got home from the gym (not brave enough for an ice bath yet!).

Overall, it was a really good week. I'm still trying to get used to the new pacing strategy and not go out too fast. Hopefully, I'll be able to get more of my runs outside instead of on the treadmill since the weather is supposed to cool down a little this week. I'll be upping my mileage to 29 miles for week four of training, with my Wednesday and Saturday runs going up to 6 miles and my Sunday run going up to 11. I'm getting closer and closer to that first run over 13.1 miles, just four weeks away now!

How did your week go?