Oatmeal Runner Reviews...Flipbelt


As I've said in the past, I started off using an armband for running. I ran with it for way too long before upgrading to something better. And it wasn't just one armband, I went through at least two during those 9 months. Summer running was gross because all the sweat would pool under the armband and I felt like it had to get washed every time I used it because of that. And that velcro would stick to everything around. Plus, there was no good spot to put keys. Sticking them behind my phone was the only option but that could scratch the phone and car keys wouldn't fit in there.

I feel like the Flipbelt changed how I carried things when I run. I didn't have this extra weight on my arm and my keys had a much safer place to go (there's a little clip they attach to without being bulky like they were in the armband). And I didn't have to get a new armband with each new phone. I've had my purple Flipbelt for three years and it's in the same shape as when I got it. Nothing feels stretched out and the color is just as bright as the day I got it.

And now I have a second Flipbelt! With marathon training, I could already tell that my Flipbelt was getting a little gross to wear every single run without letting it air dry out. So Mike got me a bright pink one for my birthday. A nice feature of my new Flipbelt is there's a separate zippered pouch, unlike my first one that's one long tube with slits. I've been throwing my phone into that one since I don't need it to be easily accessible. I'll be using the unzipped pockets for Gu.

Either with or without the zippered pocket, I love my Flipbelts! I would never go back to an armband after running with them for so long.