Twin Cities Marathon Training: Week Four


Back up in my mileage this week,  including my first long run in the double digits for this training cycle. Plus, it was a break from the hotter summer weather (for now) and a return to cooler temperatures to run in!

Monday, June 19

I don’t know what it is but I wasn’t in the mood to workout when I headed over to the apartment gym. It just felt like I was in a bad mood but I knew I had to get in my workout. I’ve been getting a little less sleep lately, which might be part of the problem, and I’ve had more stress lately. Whatever is going on, I hope I snap out of it soon. It’s strange that it’s only on Mondays, I’m ready to go on my runs the rest of the week.

Once I got warmed up on the elliptical, I switched over to music for weights. If there was one thing I learned from last week, it was that music was probably going to be better than a podcast with the mood I was in. And I was right. Not only did I feel better once I turned on the music and got into my workout, but I grabbed heavier weights than the previous weeks. I’m not trying to go super heavy while marathon training but it felt good this time to challenge myself. And to keep on seeing my muscles come out when I flex.


Tuesday, June 20

Finally, back outside for a run and it felt so good after both my shorter runs last week being on the treadmill. It was still warmer and sunny but at least it was below 80º. I still carried water on me since I was running in full sun (and it’s easier to carry me keys in that pouch than in my Flipbelt) but somehow I didn’t close the water bottle fully after filling it and it leaked some. Well, more than some. Most of it leaked out.


I still went out too fast for my first mile (went out at race pace) so I spent the last two slowing down and trying to find that easy pace. Overall, my average pace was right around the 11:07 I’m aiming for my easy pace so I was happy with that. My legs were pretty sore when I got home, even after foam rolling, so after I showered I spent the rest of the night (and slept in) a pair of compression socks).

Also, it was a super busy night. Since Mike works late on Tuesdays, I usually don’t get a chance to sit down until after 7 since I’m walking Vinnie, foam rolling, cooking dinner and doing other things around the apartment. It makes the time fly but I’m exhausted by the time I get to sit down!

Wednesday, June 21

Another morning run and slightly cooler outside this morning, I even put on a t-shirt instead of a tank top. As part of the increased mileage for this week, my Wednesday run was 6 miles instead of 5 miles like the previous week. So I had to be a little bit creative with where I ran to get in that extra mileage while still being able to run from the apartment.


I kept a pretty even pace across the miles, although the first four miles were faster than my easy pace should be. I got down to my easy pace for the last mile and it felt pretty good overall. I was still pretty sore afterwards it felt really good foam rolling afterwards at the gym. I’m already looking forward to my massage next week because my legs are going to need it!

Thursday, June 22

Another cooler run and another one that felt pretty awesome. Just three miles but almost spot on with my pacing. It had been raining a lot of the day so I was glad that it was just drizzling a little when I was getting ready to run. I still wore my hat just in case, I’ve been caught in random downpours before and it is never fun.


Friday, June 23

Once again, so glad for a rest day. I still keep pretty active on my rest days (had almost 16,000 steps on this day) but I don’t hit my activity goal on my watch. Which I don’t try to since it’s set for the highest activity level based on my workout days. It would be tough for me to hit this activity goal without running or extended time working out. Which defeats the purpose of a rest day.

I did get a session of yoga in today and it felt awesome. Lots of emphasis on the lower body and also some balancing postures so it was perfect for my rest day.

Saturday, June 24

I was out early for my run on Saturday since Mike’s cousin was getting married. I headed out solo so Mike could get Vinnie on a longer walk before the ceremony and it was pretty chilly out. Not even 60º and it was cloudy most of the time.


This was supposed to be at marathon pace (around 10:30 average pace)….but that did not happen. It probably was a combination of the cooler weather and having done lower mileage the week before but going faster felt pretty good. Maybe I should have slowed down my pace sooner since my long run this week is 11 miles (hitting double digits for the first time).

Sunday, June 25

I was pretty groggy when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. We didn’t stay very late at the wedding (dancing didn’t start until after 8 p.m. but we left around 9 p.m.) but I did have a couple of drinks and more food than I normally would. Pretty sure I crashed as soon as I got in bed. But I knew I had to get up and get ready for my long run since we had another busy day ahead of us.

Mike and I headed down to the river to get 11 miles in and his dad was going to join us on his bike too. We made plans to meet up at a couple of spots (since there’s no way I can run as fast as they could bike) and we set off. Of course, I started off too fast and spent the next couple of miles trying to slow it down.


Right around 4.5 miles, I met up with Mike at our second stop. His dad had already crossed the bridge to head home and Mike was thinking about heading back to the car. His legs were feeling like noodles, which we think was because he hadn’t eaten anything yet. I continued going north to get my miles in, knowing I’d see Mike back by the car with about 2.5 miles left.

Then, around mile 7, it started drizzling. But it felt so good, even though it was a chilly morning and my glasses were covered in rain. I was warm already and it was the perfect thing to happen. The drizzle didn’t last for long and I continued on.

This first double-digit long run felt so good although I was pretty sore afterwards. Mike dropped me off at the gym to foam roll and stretch while he grocery shopped. I spent about 40 minutes, most of it on the foam roller, and it really helped. Plus having a beer that afternoon with his dad helped with recovery.

Week five of marathon training will look pretty much the same, except with a 12 mile long run and my Saturday run is not a pace run. Plus I’ll be fast walking a brewery 5K with a couple of women I’ve met through a fitness group which will be awesome.

How was your last week with running or training?