July Running Plans

June was all about getting in the groove with marathon training and July is going to be about growing that momentum. Training is going really well so far but July is where my mileage starts to grow and I have to keep on working to stay injury-free. I'll be hitting my highest mileage and longest runs in July which is both exciting and scary. I don't think I've ever run over 30 miles and only one week will be under 30 miles. Plus I'll be running past the half marathon distance for the first time.

  • June 26-July 2: 30 miles
  • July 3-9: 26 miles
  • July 10-16: 36 miles
  • July 17-23: 37 miles
  • July 24-30: 37 miles

Not only will my long runs be getting longer in July but the work week runs as well. By the end of the month I'll be doing two four mile and a seven miles run during the week. With this increase in mileage, it's going to be really important that I take care of my body. I'll continue doing a lot of foam rolling (especially after my long runs) and try to foam roll more after my strength training sessions (which I've been skipping).

I'm also going to work on my core work which has been lacking during marathon training so far. I think I've done two core specific sessions so far in training...and they were both two weeks ago. I know having a strong core will help with stability and balance, plus I feel much better when I incorporate regularly. My goal is to do at least one core session a week after either my Tuesday or Thursday run.

What are your plans for July?