Easy Ways to Get More Produce In


With this cycle of training, one of the things I'm focusing on nutritionally is getting in more fruit and vegetables. I love fruits and vegetables but if I don't focus on getting them in, I just don't which isn't the greatest move.  Here's three ways I'm getting more produce in to my daily intake.

Blend them up

Not surprisingly, I'm getting a lot more fruit in by adding it to my post-workout smoothies. It takes the places of ice and adds in extra flavor to my smoothies (one of the reasons I've been buying vanilla protein powder lately). Recently, it's been bananas and strawberries that have been my go-to smoothie add ins.

But, I'm also getting in some vegetables in with my smoothies by adding in frozen spinach. It blends up easily and you can't taste it at all. But it does make it an interesting color, especially if you blend it up the night before and let it sit. You can do the same with kale, although I find you can taste kale in the smoothie.

Mix them in

I also add in produce to things that don't already contain it. Again, frozen fruit plays a starring role for me. I add it into my oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, greek yogurt and mug cakes. It adds a bit of natural sweetness and bulks it up too. I don't add fruit to my more savory meals too much, although a chicken salad with strawberries and goat cheese is going to happen soon.

For mixing in produce, I do a lot of adding in spinach since it's super easy and doesn't add a lot of extra flavor. Scrambled eggs? Add in spinach. Wrap or sandwich? Add in spinach. Eating something over rice? You get the picture.

With the spiralizer my parents got us as a shower gift, I've been using it a lot with potatoes and zucchini. The potatoes make an awesome side dish for my eggs but the zucchini is easy to add in. Again, not a whole lot of taste but it adds a lot of texture and bulk to my food. Which is perfect because I love having an overflowing bowl of food in front of me.

Plan them out

So, how do I get in produce that's not frozen berries, bananas, spinach, potatoes or zucchini? I have to plan it in to our monthly meal plan. About every four weeks, I plan out what meals we'll be making so I can do a bigger grocery shopping trip for a lot of the non-perishables/things that can be frozen. When I do this, I try to look through my recipes for meals that already contain fruit or vegetables or add in a side dish of vegetables to a meal. I'm still working on this but I feel like I'm getting better at adding in produce this way.

How are you getting your fruit and vegetables in? Any favorite recipes to share?