Twin Cities Marathon Training: Week Five


Week five was almost a repeat mileage-wise of week four, but with an extra mile on the long run. I continued to struggle through Monday and deal with the heat, plus thunderstorms. And then I had an interesting experience running without a phone!

Monday, June 26

Another tough Monday, I had a horrible headache most of Monday morning but luckily it finally went away so I was still able to get my workout in. I remembered this time to wear my normal shoes while on the elliptical and then change into my Chucks for weights. My feet had been feeling like they were falling asleep when wearing my Chucks on the elliptical and this solved that problem.

I think I'll be changing up my weights workout now that I'm get into much higher mileage. I could really feel it in my legs while doing lunges and I think it's going to be too much pressure on my knees to continue doing lunges the day after a long run. I'll be sharing what I'm changing around next week and how it's feeling!

Tuesday, June 27

I was a little bit worried about how this run would go because m right knee had been feeling a bit tender between wearing heels to the wedding, running and lunges on Monday. I had put KT tape on for Sunday's long run but wanted to see how it felt on this run without it.


My knee felt pretty good throughout the run, although it was a little stiff later on in the night. And I felt like I did pretty good on pacing for this run, although I did some walking in mile 2 and didn't pause my stop when I stopped for a drink at the fountain. Nothing too exciting about this run, although I did see a grey fox run across the path by the Como Zoo!

Wednesday, June 28

I was not looking forward my Wednesday run. Thunderstorms were predicted all morning (and afternoon) long so I was going to be stuck on the treadmill for six miles. Not my idea of a fun run. I kept on looking at the hourly forecast, hoping that it would change to just rain but it didn't. So, I packed up my stuff and headed to the gym.

One nice thing about the Polar M400 is that it tracks my mileage on the treadmill so at least I didn't have to worry about that. It's not 100% accurate and can vary from the treadmill if I don't keep my arm moving constantly but I feel like it's pretty accurate.


As you can tell, I varied a bit on my pacing. Mainly it was due to walking/cool down breaks since there was no air circulation at the gym. I was literally drenched in sweat by mile 2 and felt absolutely gross by the end. Normally, I don't rinse off my hair after my Wednesday runs when I shower but it was so gross I felt like I had to.

One tip that really helps me keep my mind more occupied on the treadmill is to watch videos. We have T-Mobile for our cell provider so we don't use up data using streaming data. Usually, I'm watching fitness Youtube channels (motivational and informational) but I've also done some Netflix and Treadmill. But it no way makes me want to run on the treadmill more often than I have to!

Thursday, June 29

One more run before a rest day and I could feel the mileage on my legs. Throughout the run, they just felt really heavy. I think this really helped with having a slower pace for the run but it was not fun feeling during the run. I was just ready to be done during that last mile and it shows.



Friday, June 30

Friday was not my day at all. When I woke up, I had slept funny for the second day in a row. My right hand was asleep and I was so stiff on my right side. Good thing I had a massage already scheduled for that afternoon because I needed it. Valerie ended up spending the entire hour working out the kinks in my upper body but I felt amazing afterwards. Which was the one good thing that happened on Friday.

But, backing up to Friday morning, my Nexus 5X decided to restart itself and get stuck in a reboot loop...and it wouldn't factory restart. Now, this is apparently a common problem with the 5X and not the first time it happened to me. My original 5X had this problem after owning it for 10 or so months and this phone was my replacement one...that I've had for 7 months. And my phone has been out of warranty since February so I was going to need to get a new phone. So I spent all of Friday without a phone.

I did get some yoga in on Friday after my massage. I was feeling pretty worn out from the day so I looked for something a little bit low-key. I ended up doing a video with lots of twisting moves which always feels really good.

Saturday, July 1

I got out a little bit later in the morning (about 8 a.m.) for my run since I had to wait until 10 for the T-Mobile store to open. This also meant that I was going to run without any music, audiobooks or podcasts going. For six miles. Luckily it was supposed to be an easy run so I didn't feel like I was going to need to push myself.

And I still ended up going too fast. After I saw my first mile time, I thought "I need to slow down a little". Then I did my second mile 20 seconds faster. Oops. At least the run felt really good and I found out that it's not that bad running without my phone.


I also got my new phone after my run and am now the owner of a Galaxy S8! I had a Galaxy phone before the Nexus (I think I had the S4) so I haven't moved away from Android at all. Now to just wait for my case to come in because it was $30 less on Amazon.

Sunday, July 2

Sunday Long Run Day! I was really excited for a long run after how well Saturday's run went. I also was working on documenting what I was eating through out the day for an upcoming blog post and did a sneak peek throughout the day on Instagram stories (which I'm loving using). We also had a busy day in general since we were going to see Wonder Woman and go out for dinner (to the fanciest of places, Chipotle) so we got an early start.


As you can tell, I went out pretty fast for the first six miles. Mike and I headed out to the lakes to run/bike (his first time doing this with me) and it was a gorgeous day. Mike split off at mile 6 to head back home which left me to do Lake of the Isles and finish off Callhoun on my own.

I probably should have done Lake of the Isles earlier instead of Lake Harriet because there wasn't much shade and compounded with going out too fast for the first 6 miles I was feeling worn out. I took a salted watermelon Gu at mile 8 which tasted awesome but was a little bit warm from being in my FlipBelt. I really ran into trouble somewhere between mile 10 and 11, I started having a side stitch (that has never happened) and I ended up walking a lot at the start of mile 11 to try and get rid of it. It finally went away and I got back to running, finishing that last mile strong! Now to just work on that pacing.

I stopped at the gym to get in some foam rolling (plus at the grocery store for an energy drink, berries and rice cakes) before heading home where I showered and laid down for a nap. I love my post-run naps. I ended up sleeping for about 90 minutes and felt amazing.

Next week is a cutback week and also the last week until the taper where I'll be running a long run shorter than 10 miles. My Wednesday run will be five miles, I'll have six pace miles on Saturday and then a nine mile long run. Otherwise, everything is the same (although I've switched up my strength training routine and will be getting in at least one core session).

How was your last week of training?