What I Eat in a Day: Long Run Edition

I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I get in my calories on different types of workout days so I started with a long run day. This past Sunday, July 2, I had a 12 mile run in the morning and also ate out for dinner! If you checked out my Instagram story on that day, you would have gotten a sneek peek for this post. If you are interested about why I eat the way I eat, check out my past post on If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM).

Meal 1 (Breakfast)

What I drink every morning after I get up is 20 ounces of water with 5 grams each of BCAAs and creatine monohydrate in them. I feel like my recovery has improved since I started taking creatine and I just like the taste BCAAs add to the water. I buy both from MyProtein.com which I found has the best prices on supplements that are pretty high in quality. If you want to order off of there, I have a referral code that gets you 25% off your order and I'll get $10 in credit: JENNIFER-R45T


For breakfast, I had coffee with 4 ounces of 1% milk (warmed up) along with oatmeal with peanut butter and raspberries. This is a pretty normal breakfast for me now and I knew it wouldn't bother my stomach during the run. Plus, PB&J oatmeal is just amazing tasting anyways. I ate breakfast at about 5 a.m. and would have enough time to digest it before we went out to the lakes.


Meal 2 (Pre-Run)

Since there was about 2.5 hours between when I ate breakfast and when Mike and I were going to start the run/bike ride, I had a small snack of rice cakes and raspberry spread before we headed out. Since I had planned most of my food out the day before, I knew I needed some more carbs in the day anyways and I knew I'd need a little snack before heading out on the run.


Mike also had some rice cakes before heading out since the previous Sunday he didn't eat before and felt spent pretty quickly into the bike ride.

Meal 3 (During Run)


Since I had 12 miles on the schedule for Sunday, I brought along a Gu and put Nuun in my water for the run. If I was running less than 11 miles, I would have just brought along plain water. I took my Gu (salted watermelon which was delicious!) at mile 8 and drank my water along the way (along with water out the water fountain).

Meal 4 (Post-Run)

I made my post-run smoothie Saturday night, just to have one less thing to do before heading out and also because I thought my neighbors would not appreciate the blender going off at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I packed in a lot to it because it would basically be my lunch for the day: blueberries, banana, spinach and protein powder. I drank it on the drive from the lakes to the gym to stretch and foam roll.


After I got home (and showered), I took a nap since it was already noon and we were going to see an 4:30 showing of Wonder Woman. There was no way I was going to make it through a 2.5 hour movie without falling asleep if I didn't get a nap in. Even if we don't have big plans for later in the day, I feel a lot better if I get a nap in on long run days. Plus I get extra puppy cuddles since Vinnie usually naps with me.


I ended up taking a shorter nap than I thought I would, so I had a coffee with a little bit of creamer while I worked on the blog. I didn't count those calories in my macros since it was only going to be a couple of calories and I don't need (or want) to be that on top of my macros.

Meal 5 (Movie Snacks)

Yes, I brought in my own snacks to see Wonder Woman. We did buy a sparkling water to drink during the movie and there wouldn't have been anything that fit in my macros at the theater. I brought a chocolate peanut butter protein bar from Aldi (which was delicious and a great price compared to other protein bars) and a serving of chocolate chip cookies from Naturebox).


Since I hadn't eaten anything since about 10 a.m. (and it was now 4:30 p.m.), I ate my snacks by the time we got through all the previews. I wasn't super hungry at all, probably because I had the coffee and that suppresses my appetite some.

Also, if you haven't seen Wonder Woman yet you should because it was an awesome movie!

Meal 6 (Dinner)

Finally, at about 7 p.m., we had dinner at Chipotle right after. We haven't it in a while and it was a really good way to end the night. I got my usual steak burrito bowl with rice, black beans, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce while Mike had an overstuffed steak burrito (plus a beer because he could).


And that's what I ate for my long run day! Not a typical day of eating for me since I worked my macros around what we were doing that day while making sure I had enough to eat before and right after my run. I'll probably do another long run what I eat in a day later on in my marathon training when I have upped my macros (along with what I eat in a day in a couple of other days in my training schedule).

Total Calories: 2,218

Carbs: 306g

Protein: 188g

Fat: 58g