Twin Cities Marathon Training: Week Six


Monday, July 3

For July 4th, we always head up to visit my parents and go a to concert on July 3. Since we had the day off, I was able to get my workout in before we headed up there and I went to LA Fitness to get my strength training workout in. I tried out the rowing machine for the first time as my warm-up cardio and it was tough! I only spent 15 minutes on it but my heart rate got up a lot higher than on the elliptical, plus it gave my arms a really good workout (I was really feeling it later the day).


This was also the first time I tried out my new strength training workout and it felt really good. I'll make a separate post later on what I changed and how it's going but it felt much better on my legs. Not too much soreness during the workout from Sunday's long run but later on is a different story!

Tuesday, July 4

We were still up in St. Cloud (Mike and I stayed at the concert until about 9 p.m. and then stayed overnight in my parents' basement) so I got my run in up there in the morning. It was already starting to feel humid when I headed out a little after 7 a.m. and I could tell it was going to be a tough run. I'd had a couple of drinks the day before, along with more fat than I would in a normal day (because the food was delicious and one day isn't going to be the end of the world).


As I thought when I set out, this was a tough run. But I managed to make it through and stay right around my easy pace. My legs felt heavy the whole time but I just kept on thinking "keep going, you can do it". I was glad to see my average pace when I was done but it was just one of those runs that I just wanted to be done with. I think it probably helped that I started listening to How Bad Do You Want It on Tuesday's run which has been really inspiring so far.

I was feeling really sore after my run and didn't get the best mobility session in afterwards. We went home in the afternoon and Mike gave me a massage that night. And I really needed it, it felt like every muscle in my body was tightened up.

Wednesday, July 5

Back at home in St. Paul and back out for another morning run. It was still humid and hot (typical Minnesota summer) plus I had some stuff on my mind. My legs were still feeling sore, especially my hamstrings, so I wasn't expecting what happened on this run.


That's right, every mile except one was under 10:45. The only reason for that 11:31 mile was that my body decided it needed a bathroom stop and I had to walk/run to the closest one. I was surprised at how fast I went but I didn't really try to slow it down at all. I was just in the mindset to do what felt good in the moment and that was to go faster than my easy pace.

Once I got back home, I did both some core work (getting in that one session a week) and lots of foam rolling. I have another massage on the 14th and I will be having Valerie work on my hamstrings because they have been feeling so sore during marathon training.

Thursday, July 6

One more morning run this week as I'm working from home (the joys of only having one car for a little bit). The good news was this meant I could beat the heat  and run outside instead of on a treadmill. The downside? It was humid, around 70% humidity and already 75º at 6:30 a.m.


Even with the humidity, I had an awesome run. Almost perfect mile splits and really close to my easy run pace. And it really did feel easy. The only downside to running outside was that I was drenched in sweat from head to toes by the time I was done. What I wouldn't have given to towel off halfway through the run.

Friday, June 7

Working from home once again and Vinnie must have known it was my rest day because we went on a long walk in the morning. He was just on a roll walking and I just let him lead the way because I knew it would wear him out for a long time so I could get lots of work done. We ended up walking for an hour altogether and he just flopped down afterwards.

I used my lunch break time for yoga since I was working from (I hardly ever uses my lunch break for eating lunch, usually it's for knitting and I'll eat my lunch as I work). I did the Runner's Yoga video this time which is one of my favorites because it hits all the spots where I'm tight from running. I also took some time after the video to work on my shoulder stands because I had the time and it was fun!

Saturday, July 8

Back to a pace run which I was super excited for since my runs for the last two weeks were supposed to be at any easy pace. I headed out solo for my run with the Hamilton soundtrack in my ears.


I swear the Hamilton soundtrack is magical for pace miles. I've never thought running 10:30 minute miles could feel easy but all six miles felt amazing. I entered what Sue from the Runner's Girl podcast has called "machine mode", my mind just turned off and I didn't have to think about pacing myself.

I did my legs up the wall and foam rolling at home (along with having a raspberry banana protein smoothie) before heading out to the gym for some sauna time. There's something about laying done in a warm, dark room that is so relaxing after a run. I'm going to try and fit this in more often during my training cycle.

Sunday, July 9

The final single digit long run until September 21! I couldn't believe I'd be running 10 miles or more every single Sunday for the next ten weeks, it just seems crazy. I'll be having a couple of cutback long runs in there but those will still be above 10 miles. Plus, next Sunday is my longest run to date of 14 miles.


The first mile felt really great...and then I sped up because I fell in with some other runners. Those faster miles felt really good but I knew I needed to fall back and slow down my pace otherwise I wouldn't be able to sustain it. I thought for sure I was going to get rained on even though I had headed out a little earlier to try and beat it. When I got to the Franklin Avenue bridge (mile 6 for those not familiar with the Twin Cities), the sky was pretty dark over downtown Minneapolis. Luckily, the rain held off and only drizzled a little on my way to the gym.

I was feeling pretty good hitting the hill by St. Thomas (mile 21-ish on the Twin Cities marathon course) so of course I sped up to get up there. On marathon day, I'll be very impressed with myself if I don't walk it up but running up it now gives me that extra boost of confidence. I did my foam rolling right after my run (not the best idea as I got dirty trying to foam roll by the benches) and did more stretching than usual.

Now onto longer runs for week seven! All my runs are longer and I'll be running 10 miles more in week seven than I did this week. Plus, I'll be running my first run longer than a half marathon distance (aka my longest training run ever since I've only ever run more than 12 miles for races) which will be exciting and a little scary. I'm planning to run around the Mississippi River Parkway again so I'll have to plan out a route for 14 miles.

How was your last week of training?