Warming it up

For most of my running career, I haven't done too much for warming up. If I'm running after work, my "warm up" had been walking about a tenth of a mile to where I was going to start my run. If I was running in the morning, it was a longer walk with Vinnie. But I'm trying to change things up with marathon training because that short walk doesn't really warm up my legs. And with the mileage I'm putting on my legs, even with short runs, I'm feeling that it's even more important to get them nice and warmed up before I hit the sidewalk.

What I decided to do is a combination of dynamic movements, which makes me look super silly but it gets my heart rate up and my legs feeling great. Right now, here's what I do:

  • 20 leg swings (per side)
  • 20 squats
  • 20 high knee marches (per side)
  • 20 glute kicks (per side)

I get some strange stares from people who see me doing this but I'm feeling a lot better when I start out my runs. I used to have tightness in my calves starting out (even once I started being more dedicated post-workout to foam rolling) and I don't feel unless I skip my dynamic warm up.

What do you do to warm up for a run?