What I Eat in a Day: Mid-Week Long Run Edition

Wednesdays are my mid-week long run days (currently at 7 miles) so I'm doing those before work to avoid the heat of the day (and so I can go to my knitting group). I thought this was a perfect time to do another what I eat in a day since I'm pretty set in my Wednesday schedule and I'm trying to get a larger amount of carbs in with what I'm eating after a run.

Meal 1


Surprise, it's not oatmeal! I've been working through the strawberry waffles I made a couple of weeks ago for my breakfasts and this was the last one. How I'm warming them up is cooking them at 400º for 10 minutes on a wire rack which gets them nice and crispy.

I've been topping these waffles just with a tablespoon of peanut butter since they already had strawberries mixed in. This time, since I had strawberries that had to be used up, I chopped a cup of them up and heated them in a coffee cup for a minute. This made them into a nice syrup that melted the peanut butter even more on the waffle. Paired with a mug of coffee with foamed 1% milk on top and it's a great way to start off the day.

Meal 2


My post-run smoothie has come already! I had a good seven miles (as you'll see on the week in review that comes out on Monday) and headed to the gym to get in my foam rolling and get ready for work. I made up a smoothie the night before since I didn't want to start it at 6 a.m. and make the neighbors mad.

As I mentioned before, I"m trying to get more carbs in post-run when I'm running in the morning. I was already getting in a good amount with the fruit in my smoothies but I was getting hungrier faster and thought more carbs could help. In addition to the banana and cup of frozen fruit, I threw in a cup of oatmeal right into the blender before mixing it up. And I feel like it really helped me at work. I didn't feel like I was ready to eat lunch right when I got into work at 10 a.m. which I have been the last couple of weeks.

Meal 3


Since I am a creature of habit, I did have my lunch at around my normal 11 a.m. time. But no stomach rumbling as I heated it up like the past couple of weeks. What I had was leftovers from Sunday night's dinner that Mike made, baked ziti with creamy kale and sausage, which was just as delicious reheated.

Normally I'd have something else with my lunch like some fruit and greek yogurt but since I had the more carb heavy smoothie earlier I didn't feel like I needed anything else.

Meal 4


Since I didn't have anything with my lunch, I did pack a mid-day snack. Usually I'll have this as my pre-workout for when I run after work but since I ran already I used it to keep my hunger down in the last couple of hours of work. I accidentally grabbed vanilla flavored greek yogurt when I went grocery shopping instead of plain so it's interesting having a favored yogurt again. I added blueberries on top (thank goodness for fruit being on sale now) and chocolate and caramel rice cakes on the side.

I'm seriously obsessed with rice cakes right now, to the point where I keep three different flavors in the house. They are the perfect little snack during the day to get in some more carbs but I can top them with whatever I want or add them into yogurt.

Meal 5


What I had for my last two meals of the day was completely different than I had planned out. Normally, I go to knitting group on Wednesday nights and plan it out so I can have my iced vanilla latte there. But, with all the problems I've been having sleeping this week, I was feeling exhausted by the time I got done with work. I made a last minute decision to skip knitting group and relax at home in my pjs and knit.

So, I mixed up my last two meals so I can have a little treat for my last meal. Instead of the leftover pot roast and vegetables that I planned, I had my favorite easy breakfast for anytime meal: an egg white wrap with mozzarella cheese. Usually I have a spiralized potato on the side but we didn't have any left so I skipped it this time.

Meal 6


Final meal of the night and one of my favorite sweet treats: Halo Top! It's a bit more expensive than regular ice cream but I can have an entire pint of it at once without feeling guilty. And it's super delicious, I love the different flavors and the flavor for me is just like regular ice cream. Just with less fat and more protein.

And that wraps up what I ate this past Wednesday. It was a pretty typical day to start out with but ended differently than my Wednesdays usually do. And that's just how I'm taking my marathon training. There's going to be days that I just don't feel like going out because my body is working super hard right now. And that's ok.