A couple of random pre-Twin Cities Marathon thoughts....

This is going to be pretty quick but just a couple of thoughts on my marathon tomorrow. When this post goes up, I’ll be about 12 minutes away from crossing the start line of my first marathon. When I’m writing it is about 23 hours before Twin Cities Marathon starts.

First thing, I’m so glad the weather is looking better! Less than a 40% chance of rain for about two hours of the race which I’m hoping will improve before tomorrow. It really depends on what city you look at, since the marathon goes from Minneapolis to St. Paul, but I might get drizzled on a little between 10-11 am but I’ll be in the clear for the rest of the race! I’m seriously thinking I won’t even bring my hat and just wear a handband since there isn’t a big chance of rain at all. If it does drizzle, I can wipe off my glass on my tank if I need to.

Secondly, I’m feeling really good about my pacing plan. I’ve kind of been all over the place but I’m pretty sure I can hold a 10:50-11 minute pace for most of the race. I’ve got to remember to take it easy on the hills and not race up them. And that the hill on miles 20-23 isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Sure, it’s an incline over three miles but it’s a small incline.

Lastly, I totally misremembered where the water stops are on this course! They are on the odd miles until mile 21, where they start being every mile. So, I had to slightly adjust where I’m taking my Gu and salt tabs for most of the race. But, it will be closer to how I did gels on my first 20 miler so I’m not too concerned.

Water Sips at every aid stations (plus with gels)
Gu Energy Lab Gels 5 minutes before race, Miles 5, 9, 13, 17, 19, 24
SaltStick Caps Miles 13, 17, 22

Race day jitters are but I'm trying to keep as calm as I can the day before. Which might not be actually calm but oh well. I'm running a marathon tomorrow and that's my excuse.