How has marathon recovery been going?

I’m just over a week past Twin Cities Marathon and I’m pretty impressed with how my recovery has been going. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first marathon. I haven’t needed much time off after my halfs, usually I’ve jumped right back into regular exercise. Even after my 20 mile race, I got out for a run the next day to get my mileage in for the week. So I didn’t have any expectations for when I’d get back to anything (except for hoping I’d be back to working out the week after) and just decided to take it as I went.

Right after the marathon (well after we had a late lunch at Mike’s parents) I tried to take a nap while Mike picked up Vinnie from boarding. But I just couldn’t fall asleep. Surprising since I always crashed after my long runs. My legs were just twitching the entire time and keeping me awake. I even tried elevating my legs with pillows to see if that would help.

I eventually gave up to have a second round of pizza and take an epsom salt bath. That seemed to help some but I was still pretty sore and my legs were twitching. It was a challenge getting up off the couch and I was exhausted the rest of the night. I think I ended up finally going to bed at nine (taking off my compression socks) and managed to fall asleep then with my legs elevated.

October 2, the first day after Twin Cities Marathon, had me feeling pretty stiff and sore. I basically rolled out of bed that morning and I was glad that I took the day off from work. Getting up and down was still a struggle but Vinnie and I managed a two mile walk in the morning. Then I went to my massage which made my legs feel a ton better, grocery shopped and went home to nap. I kept on feeling better as the day went on and decided I’d pack clothes to at least go on the elliptical at the gym the next day. I could tell that keeping moving was helping my legs recover.

Two days after the marathon I went back to work. I was still stiff and it was interesting getting up and down from my chair. Luckily, I didn’t have any stairs to navigate at work because I probably wouldn’t have made it up or down them. I was feeling pretty good and did twenty minutes on the elliptical after work. It wasn’t too bad and it probably helped that it’s low impact.

Three days after the marathon and the tightness in my legs were finally gone. I was itching to get out for a run at this point but knew it wouldn’t be the best idea. I decided to do a longer elliptical session (I think I ended up doing forty or so minutes) and if I was feeling good the next morning I’d go for a run after work.

And now that I’m in my first week of being back on a schedule and have been doing pretty regular working out? I’m feeling pretty good. I still have some tight spots but nothing that isn’t abnormal for me. So I’m keeping on with foam rolling (which I need to get better at again because I’m going much quicker than I should be when I roll) and taking epsom salt baths. I’m really glad that I felt better as quickly as I did because I would have gotten really antsy if I hadn’t.