Summer 2017 Round Up

Here’s a quick glance at some of the most popular posts on from summer 2017.

I've Gained Weight Since My Half...And I'm OK With That

Originally published July 6

Still one of my favorite posts to write, although it’s strange to think that I’m trying to lose that weight. But, at the time, I was training for a marathon and it wouldn’t have been wise to try and lose weight while training at that intensity level. And the way I”m working on losing weight now is in combination with weights so I can strengthen my body and improve my running.

What I eat in a day: long run edition

Originally published July 5

I love writing about food and sharing what I’m eating. This was especially true during marathon training since one thing I was working hard on was not to fill those calories with junk. Looking at this again at this makes me think I need to do a “What I eat in a day: weight loss” to show I’m eating now. Especially since it’s fall and I’m leaning towards different types of food.

Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 7

Originally published July 17

The beginning of marathon training seems so far away. It’s really strange to take a look back at my training since I haven’t read back over these since writing them. But I’m glad this was a popular week since it was a pretty good one for me. Also, this was the week in which I decided on the shoes I’d been running Twin Cities Marathon in!

10 ways new runners can stick with it

Originally published June 22

I attempted getting into running so many times so I’m hoping this article helped some other new runners. Or at least made some of you experienced runners remember what it felt like starting out!

Running and Crushing my First 20 Miles

Originally published August 30

Just barely squeaking into the summer but I was really excited to run my first 20 miles. This was a huge accomplishment for me and it was at this point that I felt like I had a chance of making it through the marathon. And it was my first time using salt tablets which made a huge difference in my long runs going forward.

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