What's your crust choice?

I love having pizza and there’s nothing better than homemade pizza. I don’t think that Mike and I have brought a frozen pizza home since we moved into our current apartment almost four years ago. There’s just something exciting about creating pizza at home that comforts me, from making the dough to selecting the toppings to smelling that freshly baked pizza in the oven. Maybe it’s because I have complete control over what and how much I put on it.

We don’t always make our own dough (because there isn’t always the time to make it that day or I haven’t made it ahead of time) so sometimes it’s a store bought crust. But when we do make dough from scratch, I love this whole wheat pizza dough recipe from Food Network. It’s really quick to make since I usually have the ingredients on hand and freezes great. So I don’t know why I don’t always have a ball of dough in our freezer.

I also am working on branching out and experimenting with our dough options. One I really enjoyed was chicken pizza crust. We’ve only done this once but loved it, especially since we made individual pizzas out of it. It comes together much quicker than regular dough (no rising!) plus I can pile on even more vegetables since the crust is my protein source already. I did end up cooking our crust a little bit longer than the directions said so it was browned enough but it was delicious.

One thing I do want to try (especially since I’m not marathon training at the moment and am also experimenting with vegetables) is cauliflower crust pizza. Mike and I have both loved other cauliflower substitutes (especially mashed cauliflower “potatoes” and cauliflower rice) so I really want to try out cauliflower crust. I think it would be a great way to get in some great flavors in the crust since cauliflower doesn’t have a ton of taste on its own.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza crust?