What are my future race plans?

Well, it’s twenty days since I ran Twin Cities Marathon. Twenty days since I’ve been training for a race. And basically the first time since I started this blog back in April that I haven’t been training for a race. So you might be wondering what’s on my calendar next?

Well, I have answers! Actually, I’ve known my big race for 2018 for quite a while. Because I got bit by the marathon bug hard by early August and knew that  the Twin Cities marathon wasn’t going to be my last one. So I started looking for spring marathons. Which is a lot harder than I would have imagined since in Minnesota there were only a couple of marathons in May and June listed on RunningInTheUSA.com. The only one that would have been of interest to me was Grandma’s Marathon which is in mid-June.

But, I’m not running Grandma’s Marathon (although it might be a future marathon). I’m heading across the border to Eau Claire, WI to run the Eau Claire Marathon on May 6! It’s about a month earlier which means hopefully I’ll miss the higher humidity of a Minnesota June (even up along the North Shore) although it might be freezing cold. It’s also only about a 90 minute drive from St. Paul so Mike and I are making a long weekend out of it.

Why did I decide on Eau Claire Marathon? Finding a race that Mike is able to see me at several points was really important. This race is a loop course so there’s lots of possibilities for MIke to cheer me on! Plus, I’m also excited that there’s elevation changes along the course because I don’t do well on flat stretches. Just psychologically, I hit a mental block when there’s a long, flat section. Plus it takes place in a 134 acre park and goes over 11 bridges! There’ll be tons of sights to see along the way.

Price was also a big thing since this won’t be my only race in 2018 (and because it’s a week before our first wedding anniversary). The Eau Claire Marathon was about ½ the price of Grandma’s Marathon plus we found a great hotel 6 minutes from the start line with a  whirlpool suite and breakfast provided. This will be closest I’ve ever been staying from a race which will be really nice when we have to get over there. And there’ll be time for us to visit a new city after I’ve recovered some! 

As it stands right now, here’s my 2018 race schedule (and goals):

  • Valentine’s Day TC 5K (with Mike): February 10, new 5K PR (current PR: 28:53)
  • Hot Dash 10 mile: March 24, new 10 mile PR (current PR: 1:37:35)
  • Eau Claire Marathon: May 6, sub-5 hour marathon

Of course, I’m already looking at training plans to help me reach that sub 5-hour marathon goal (and gaining that speed on the marathon will mean I’ll PR on my other races too). Marathon training will officially start December 31 so I’ll probably do a post in mid-December about what my training plan will be and what goal time I’m shooting for.

Until then, I’m full steam ahead on keeping my running pace and gaining strength for the my next race season!