What's my favorite hairstyle for working out?

I did a lot of experimenting with hairstyles for working out, especially during marathon training. There’s no way I can workout with my hair down against my neck and I also needed something I could easily do in the morning.

I tried a high ponytail, buns of all sorts, even attempted french braiding (that did not go well at all). But I kept on finding that either I’d still have a lot of hair bouncing against my neck (with a ponytail) or my hair would get in the way during certain exercises (with buns). Finally, after scouring the internet for different ways to style your hair while working out, I came across what is working the best for me.

After pulling my hair back into a ponytail, I french braid it and secure with a smaller elastic at the bottom. It’s super easy to do even right after I’ve woken up and I don’t get the feeling of having hair bouncing against my neck while I’m sweating. Or getting hit by my ponytail while I’m running. It was my go-to style for long runs during marathon training and is going to be my hairstyle whenever I’m working out from now on.

How do you style your hair for workouts? Have you been able to master a true french braid?