October Faves

Another month is almost gone and it went crazy fast! Probably because I was on my honeymoon for half the month but still. So, here are some of my favorite things from October.

Honeymoon Travels

Of course, there’s way too much that happened on our honeymoon to put down in one little post. So look out for a couple of recap posts coming up with what we did, ate and how I balanced vacation and being healthy. But Mike and I had tons of fun on our honeymoon and it was awesome to get out somewhere by ourselves. Plus, I bought yarn that the colorway is Unicorn Farts. What could be better?

Cheesecake Oatmeal

This is another thing that will have a full post coming soon but I have discovered how to mimic cheesecake in my breakfast oatmeal and it is so good! I love sweets for breakfast and this is like having dessert for breakfast (but healthier). Plus, it means more volume in the morning!

Strength Training

Now that I’m between marathon training cycles, I’ve upped my strength training days from one to three. And I am loving it! It’s mainly because it’s a change from my normal running routine but it’s also fun to see how much strength I have. I already feel like this new routine is making positive changes to my body (along with dropping calories to try and lose that extra marathon weight).

What are your faves from October?