Seattle Honeymoon: Part One

For our honeymoon, Mike and I took two weeks off of work and traveled to Seattle via Amtrak train! Mike has family out there and has gone out there a couple of times (including by train before) but this was my first time being in Seattle and traveling via train. This first post is going to cover our train ride out to Seattle and our first full day in Seattle.

Monday, October 16

For the trip out to Seattle, our train didn’t leave from the Union Depot in St. Paul until late Monday night. Mike went into work for the morning and also brought Vinnie to the vet to get his nails trimmed while I worked out in the morning (getting in a weights session and some low intensity steady state cardio). Otherwise, we hung out and watched some TV until we headed over to Mike’s parents house. They were watching Vinnie until Saturday (when he went to boarding) and were also going to drive us down to the Union Depot.

There’s not a whole lot to report from the first night on the train. We left St. Paul a little bit before 11 p.m. so I was pretty tired. It was really strange not having to go through security or anything to go on the train, they only checked one of our licenses against the ticket. It was just so low-key compared to air travel which was really strange. I slept on and off through the night on the train, I kept on getting hot and cold and there was a lot of noise and movement that I wasn’t used to.

Tuesday, October 17

Once I woke up for the final time, we were in North Dakota! We had one stop early in the morning in Minot where we could get out and stretch our legs for about half an hour since the train was ahead of schedule. That felt really nice since we’d been on the train for about 10 hours at that point.


The rest of the day, we spent going back and forth between the lounge car where we could sit at tables and look outside and our regular seats. I got a lot of reading and knitting done but I was also running low on podcasts to listen too. Not good since we hit a point in the trip where we didn’t have cell service. By sunset, we were about halfway through Montana and the cloud were starting to come in. I had another restless night of sleep, waking up every two hours or so.

Wednesday, October 18

Finally, the last day on the train! It’s a neat way to travel across the country (and much cheaper than flying) but I was getting pretty restless on the train. When I woke up, we were in Washington and had cell service again. It was a gorgeous ride through the woods and mountains but I was ready to get off the train. Unfortunately, the train was delayed by about 30 minutes and we were late getting into Seattle.

Mike’s uncle was going to be picking us up from the train station since we got in at about 11 a.m. and couldn’t check into our rental until 4 p.m. I was pretty cranky at this point (sorry MIke!) because I was ready to get a shower and some food that wasn’t overnight oats or tuna wraps in me. Mike’s uncle came and picked us up, brought him to his house just outside of Seattle so we could shower and then we explored the area a little so we could stretch our legs. It was cloudy and windy but not raining too much so it felt good to get out and about.

Finally, we were able to check into our rental! We stayed in a studio apartment at ArtHouse Apartments (rented out by Vacasa) and it was so nice to be in our own place. It was pretty tiny but had everything we could want and we weren’t going to be in there for long. We ordered a late dinner from I Love Sushi after grabbing some food from a local market for the rest of our meals. It was delicious and I had poke for the first time! It was really delicious but no surprise that I enjoyed it since I love sushi.

Finally, we got to sleep in an actual bed and not have to be woken up every couple of hours. It felt so good to finally sleep in a bed again.

Thursday, October 19

First full day in Seattle! We both went down to the gym at our rental to get a workout in and it was an amazing apartment gym. There was seven cardio machines (including two spin bikes) and a full set of free weights and a couple of weights machines. I was really excited that we got a place with a gym so that I could get in some kind of workout because it just makes me feel better.


After our workout and breakfast, we headed down to Pike Place Market to explore it for the morning. It wasn’t too busy yet when we went down there (except for the original Starbucks with everyone taking selfies in front of it). We walked around and checked out all the stands (including buying a shirt for our nephew) and then went down to the waterfront for a while. It was so nice staying in downtown Seattle because everything was less than a thirty minute walk from where we were staying. We had lunch at Tankard & Tun (one of the two restaurants of Pike Place Brewing) and I had some excellent fish & chips while Mike had a burger. Plus we both got beers of course!


Next stop for the day was the Museum of Pop Culture! We decided to get City Passes for our trip which was an amazing deal, I think we basically got into three of the five places we got to for free. We decided not the buy the extra Jim Henson exhibit at MoPop but spent a couple of hours in it looking at everything. I think my favorite exhibit might have been Scared to Death even though I was super freaked out going down into it. I love horror movies though and it was great to see all the different props and history of horror movies. We also saw a Dalek from Doctor Who and the entire Star Trek exhibit (which Mike was excited about).

We headed back home to make some steak and potatoes for dinner (which was really good) and relax for the rest of the night. We started watching The Good Place (season one is on Netflix) which we loved and highly recommend! Season two is live right now but we were able to watch the episodes of season two on demand.


The next post will be our next three days in Seattle, including a trip to Edmonds, brunching and brewery hopping, yarn buying and more waterfront exploring!