Seattle Honeymoon: Part Two

Read about the first part of our honeymoon before catching up with what we did for the next three days!

Friday, October 20

We took it easy on our second full day in Seattle. We did a ton of walking around the day before (I had almost 19,00 steps without running) and we were going to have dinner with Mike’s aunt and uncle that night. It was also pretty rainy and windy that day so we didn’t feel like walking all over the city. I did a mile of sprint repeats on the treadmill that morning and then we went for a walk after breakfast.

Like I mentioned in the last post, it was great being in downtown Seattle because we were so close to everything. We walked less than ½ a mile to the Olympic Sculpture Park (bringing our umbrellas because the rain was coming down pretty good). It was a gorgeous place to walk around, especially since we got to go right near the shoreline and the rocky beaches. But it was super windy outside and I almost lost my umbrella! We both knew that we wanted to come back when it was suppose to be a little bit nicer weather-wise.


We spent the afternoon relaxing and watching some more of The Good Place (such a great show!) since we were going to be walking down to the train station  to catch a train to Edmonds for dinner with MIke’s aunt and uncle. This was probably the longest walk we had to get to somewhere (about 30 minutes) and we decided that we were going to Uber to the station when we were going to leave Seattle on the Amtrak. There was no way we wanted to drag all our luggage that far!

We had an awesome seafood dinner with MIke’s aunt and uncle (the best part of Seattle is all the fresh seafood) and we got a four course dinner special. Because I will always opt for the dinner option that involves dessert. After dinner, we walked along the beach since it had stopped raining (it was down pouring when Mike's uncle picked us up even though it had been sunny in Seattle). They drove us back to Seattle so we wouldn’t have to walk back from the train station at night which was super nice!

Saturday, October 21

Saturday was another day for us to explore the city! I did a weight workout and after breakfast, we walked down to Pike Place Market to do some more gift shopping and buy some salmon for dinner (pretty sure I had fish every single day we were in Seattle). After a stop at the apartment to drop off the fish and presents, we went to have brunch. I had found a place called Cyclops that was just around the corner from the apartment and it was a delicious brunch! It was really quiet in there, maybe two other people there, but the food was awesome. I’d recommend it if you are out in Seattle and it was a really reasonable price too (especially compared to other brunch menus).

After brunch, it was time for brewery hopping! We visited three different places (Cloudburst Brewing, Seattle Beer Company and Belltown Brewery) which was a really good mix of different places. I think my favorite might have been Seattle Beer Company just because they had beers and ciders from 30 different breweries so we both got flights to try out the ones that interested us.

We also stopped at So Much Yarn in between breweries because of course I needed some vacation yarn. What else do you get yourself as a reminder of your honeymoon than awesome, locally dyed yarn? I ended up buying two skeins of yarn from Knitted Wit (a Portland dyer) in Haute Pink and Unicorn Farts (which is an awesome speckled yarn with sparkles). And….I’ve already started knitting it into a shawl because I finished one on the honeymoon.

We relaxed back at the apartment the rest of the night and cooked up the salmon we bought earlier in the day. Seriously, nothing better than freshly caught salmon.

Sunday, October 22

Another busy day and checking a couple of more things off our City Passes! I got in another run on the treadmill (just 2.5 miles) and then we went for another walk over to the Olympic Sculpture Park. We had much better weather this day, the sun was out and there was tons of blue skies so we could even see the mountains in distance!

After, we headed to the Seattle Aquarium (with a stop to get our tickets for a harbor tour later that day). It was pretty packed with families in there (I felt really out of place without having a kid tagging along) but it was fun seeing all the local fish and wildlife. Especially the sea otters which might have been my favorite part. We made a stop at Pike Place Market for more fish (this time red snapper) and headed back to the apartment for lunch.


Later in the afternoon, we headed out on a harbor tour. It was still sunny but once we got out on the water the wind really picked up. We started off at the top of the boat but soon went down a floor to get out of the wind because I was getting chilly even with my thick hoodie on. This might have been my favorite thing we did on the trip. I love boat tours and it was a great way to learn more about Seattle!

We headed back to the apartment and watched the sunset set from the eighth floor deck, then headed back down to eat the red snapper and finish watching The Good Place.

Tomorrow is going to be the final part of our honeymoon, our last full day in Seattle and the train ride back to St. Paul!