Seattle Honeymoon: Part Three

Read the first and second parts of our honeymoon before catching up with what we did for our last full day in Seattle and the train ride back.

Monday, October 23

One more weight worked in Seattle! I’m so glad I added in extra days of weights for my between races training because it was super easy to keep up with those while on this trip. Running on the treadmill was fine but I love running outside and with the sun not coming up until 8 a.m. it wasn’t possible to get it in along with doing what we wanted to do. Plus, I didn’t bring running clothes that would have protected me from the rain and wind.

This was our last full day in Seattle so we still had two more places to visit: the Space Needle and Pacific Science Center. We had left these for the this day since they are right by each other and it was suppose to be sunny and clear skies. We got down to the Space Needle a little bit before it opened at 10 a.m. (we thought it would take a little bit longer to walk there than it did) so we walked around in the area which had a some green space and lots of buildings to look at.


One thing you have to know about our trip to the Space Needle is that I hate heights. Seriously, it took me forever to feel comfortable running over the bridges over the Mississippi River. So going up over 600 feet and looking over a city is not my first choice of things to do. We got in right away for the 10 a.m. observation deck time and started our journey ujp. First, we had to read the timeline of building the Space Needle and it’s first days being open (because we love history). Then, it was time to go up in an elevator….that the front of it is completely glass. Luckily, I placed myself right at the back and it was a quick trip up. Probably less than a minute to get up there so it didn’t freak me out too much.

Once we got up to the top, it took me a little bit to get comfortable up there but I was glad we went up there! It was a gorgeous view of the entire city since it was clear and sunny plus it was really interesting to see the city from a 360° view up in the sky. We did have the opportunity to go back up from 5-8 p.m. with our pass but once we got done at the Pacific Science Center we decided not to go back up.


After the Space Needle, we walked around the area some more and hung out at the Seattle Center Fountain. Which was a little chilly to sit on the granite around it but it was pretty cool to watch the fountain show. We had lunch at a little restaurant called Obasan for ramen which was amazing! Seriously, I was so full after my ramen and it was nice and spicy. Perfect for a slightly chilly day even though it made my nose run a little from the heat.

Our last stop for the day was the Pacific Science Center which had it’s ups and downs. The exhibits felt like they were really geared towards kids (and there were a lot of kids there, not as much the aquarium). But the butterfly room was awesome, I could have spent all day just watching the butterflies. The IMAX movie was really interesting about coral reefs but Mike and I were tired and nodding off during it. We couldn’t help it, it was a dark room and the narrator had a really soothing voice! The last thing we did was a showing in the planetarium which I think was MIke’s favorite part of the trip. We had a scientist doing the show in person and it was about fire and ice in the universe. I can’t remember if I’ve gone to a planetarium show before but I’d really like to do it again.


Back at the apartment, we had the rest of the red snapper for dinner and started watching Freaks and Geeks. Which is a super good show that we still need the finish off it’s single season.

Tuesday, October 24

Our final day in Seattle but we didn’t plan on doing anything since our train was leaving at 4:40 p.m. Besides packing everything up and relaxing. So I got a run in outside! Luckily, I had packed my Twin Cities Marathon weekend long sleeved shirt which wasn’t the best for running (since it’s 100% cotton) but I figured it would be better than either of the tanktops I bought for working out in. I had a gorgeous 4 mile run through the Olympic Sculpture Park and along the shoreline. It was nice a clear so the mountains were out and I even got to see Mt. Rainer for the first time!

Back at the apartment, nothing too exciting happened. We just kept it low key since we’d be on the train that night and we weren’t sure how much we’d sleep that night. We ubered to the train station since there was no way we wanted to walk 30 minutes with all of our suitcases and bags which was less than $10 so a great deal.

Nothing too exciting happened on the train either that night. I worked on the sweater I’m making for my nephew for a bit until it got too dark and then started reading Spook by Mary Roach (I haven't read this much in forever, I finished two books on the way out and started two more on the way back). I got the best sleep on this night that I got on the train. I maybe woke up once or twice during the night but went back to sleep quickly and slept until after seven. Mike wasn’t too lucky since he woke up in Spokane while they were hooking up the second part of the train and couldn’t get back to sleep for almost two hours.

Wednesday, October 25

This day was my favorite part of the train ride. We went through Glacier National Park during the day and it was just gorgeous views! We spent most of the day in the lounge car watching the mountain views go by.

However, I was getting pretty restless on the train. There’s only so much sitting I can do and not too much space to walk around on the train. We got a chance to get off the train at about 2 p.m. in Montana and get a little bit of walking in but most of the stops we were stuck on the train. I did a lot of reading (as did Mike, I think he finished The Name of the Wind on our vacation) and tons of knitting. I finished off the body of Tucker’s sweater and one sleeve which was pretty good progress. It’s amazing what happens when you are stuck on a train all day long!

We got the chance to get off again in Minot, ND at about 9 p.m. at night which felt good but was pretty chilly. Which we were expecting since we knew Minnesota was going to get snow on Friday (we didn’t get much in the CIties but up north they got 10+ inches!). I fell asleep pretty quickly after this stop but I had a hard time staying asleep this time. I woke maybe every two hours because every time I turned by the window I got chilly. And it’s not too comfortable trying to sleep on a train, there’s no good position to sleep in.

Thursday, October 30

Finally, I woke up and we were basically in St. Paul! It was great that we got back home pretty early in the day so I didn’t have to spend much more time on that train. Mike’s dad picked us up (and had packed in the car all of Vinnie’s extra stuff that didn’t go to boarding with him) and it was so good to be home. We had a low-key day since we were both exhausted (and MIke got sick from the train ride) and we didn’t have Vinnie at home yet. We were picking him up Friday morning from boarding. I did have a massage scheduled which was awesome and slightly painful because my back was pretty messed up from that train ride.

And that was our honeymoon and first trip alone in four years! It was so refreshing to not be at work for two weeks and to travel together. I hope you enjoyed these recap posts!