September Running in Review

Another month has come and gone! I really feel like training for a race makes each day fly by (so we’ll see how I do when I’m not training for a race). This post is a little later in October just because I did run a marathon on the first day of October so it’s been a little crazy.

September Running in Review.jpg

September was a bit of a crazy month both running and weather-wise. We had fall, then summer, then fall again with all the temperature swings. Which made it a little bit harder to get my runs in. There was a lot of early morning runs even as they got shorter.

And I made it through a three week marathon taper! This was the longest taper I’ve ever done for a race. Normally I taper for a week so it was really strange to keep on cutting back my mileage week after week. The first week felt really great since I had just finished a 20 mile race and my body needed some recovery. But with the second and third weeks, I started getting antsy as the marathon got closer.

How was your September running?