I've run a marathon, now what?

Well, now it’s six days after the Twin Cities Marathon. I took one full rest day off after it and got a massage, which was the best choice I’ve ever made since I was pretty sore and worn out. Vinnie and I did a two mile walk in the morning and a couple of shorter walks in the afternoon but most of the day I rested and did a little foam rolling.

I was still stiff on Tuesday but I got in a short 20 minute elliptical session after work which made me feel a lot better. Another night of foam rolling and an epsom salt bath had me feeling much better. Wednesday I was itching to go for a run but wanted to give it one more day. So instead, I had another 30 minute session on the elliptical which felt even better than the day before.

Finally on Thursday, five days after the Twin Cities Marathon, I headed out to see how a run would feel. My legs weren’t stiff at all but I was worried about my big toes. Both were bruised underneath the nail which had never happened to me and I didn’t know how it would feel. Luckily, they didn’t hurt at all but I must have slept on my shoulder funky because that was pretty tight. Still, I got in three miles at a nice, easy pace which was felt really good.

So, what I’m I going to be doing now that I’m not on a training schedule? I’ve made up a between training cycles schedule of course! I just find that I stay on track easier if I have a written out schedule so I made sure to have one ready. I’ll still be keeping some distance in my running but I’m also adding in extra strength days.

Plus, I’m going to try and get rid of some of the weight I gained during marathon training. I was up about 13 pounds from where I was October 2016 and 7 of that was from marathon training. Not a ton, but enough to make me feel a little bit less comfortable in my clothes. Some of it for sure was just the usual water weight from the extra glycogen my body was holding onto and my body trying to repair the tiny muscular tears put on during marathon training. I’ve already lost a little over 3 pounds in the days after the marathon.

But I’d like to be closer to 130 than I am right now by the time I start training for my next race. So, I cut back my calories back from what I know my maintenance level is. Which surprisingly has been an easy transition. I was worried that after eating 2,300+ calories during marathon training, my body would revolt at eating around 1,700 calories. But, at least right now, I’m not feeling hungry at all. Which might change once I add back in more exercise but then I can adjust my calories up a little if needed.

So, what is my new schedule going to be? I’m going to be doing the Strong Curves beginner program three times a week, running five a days a week and having one rest day. No, I’m not trying to squish nine days into a seven day week. Here’s how it’s going to end up looking:

Monday: Strong Curves Day A

Tuesday: 5 mile run

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: 3 mile run, Strong Curves Day B

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 6x800 at 5K pace (10 minute miles), Strong Curves Day C

Sunday: 6-8 mile run

I feel like I’ll get a little bit extra muscle on my body and keep my running base up on this plan, plus it gives me some variety in what I’m doing most days. And as for my upcoming race schedule? Well, I’ve already signed up for one 2018 and have plans for a couple others but that’s for another post.