Oatmeal Runner runs...Social Ciderwerks fun run!

Well, six days after Twin Cities marathon and I’m back to racing! Not really but Mike and I did do a fun run at a local brewery called Social Ciderwerks. We were going to run this one last year but it happened to take place during Twin Cities Marathon weekend so we signed up as soon as we could for the 2017 run.


We’ve done a good amount of brewery runs that are put on by a company called Minnesota Brewery Running series. They are always super fun and casual, plus you get awesome swag! You get the run, freebies from their partners, a post-run Brewery Running series item and a free beer from the brewery. Plus, you can add on a shirt for an extra $10 which are screenprinted by a local company. And that is why most of my casual t-shirts are from here.

It was drizzling a little bit as Mike and I were getting ready to start. We got there about 30 minutes before the race and had enough time to get signed in, get our wristbands, pick up our t-shirts and check out the partner booths. One of them was Grey Duck, a local company that makes amazing chai! I’m going to have to find out the closest places that sells it and buy some.We got lined up, warmed up with Orange Theory Fitness (trying not to hit anyone nearby) and then we were off! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel since it was only my second run after the marathon so I had told Mike I’d run with him. Well, that didn’t last for long as I kind of took off!

These runs are on an open course but they have awesome volunteers to tell you where to turn and most of the runs are on sidewalks. It helps also that it’s a huge pack of runners so most people saw us coming. I felt awesome on this run and even got a little warm (because of course I was wearing my long sleeved marathon finishers shirt). It’s also a 5K-ish run but I find most of them are right around 3 miles. Today’s was about 2.8 according to my watch but it’s a great way to get in a fun run.

Altogether, I ran 2.83 miles in 27:30, a 9:43 average pace! What’s even more amazing is my splits, I was negative splitting this run and it didn’t even feel like I was pushing myself. I’ve still got my speed after the marathon!

Mile 1 10:15 min/mile average pace

Mile 2 9:38 min/mile average pace

Mile 0.83 9:07 min/mile average pace

I finished ahead of Mike and waited for him at the finish line. Because I had to get a photo of him finishing after all the picture taking he’s done of me at races! I grabbed my swag, a coffee mug (they also had two different pint glasses but we have a ton of those) and kept looking out for him. It turns out that he twisted his ankle on the first turn and had been run/walking it as it felt good. But he made it in feeling good, especially since Mike has been biking a lot more than running over the summer.


We were going to grab our free cider after Mike finished but there was a huge line outside and we decided to go home. Social Ciderwerks has some awesome ciders so we’ll be back for sure (especially since they are dog-friendly inside and out now)!

Have you ever done a brewery run?