How am I changing my eating post-marathon?

As I talked about in my post-marathon training plans, I’m cutting back my calories to try and lose the marathon weight. But at the same time, I want to be keeping (and hopefully putting on) muscle. So, what changes have I been making this past week to make them happen?

For one thing, I’ve been cutting way back on my snacking. That was the main thing I used during marathon training to get in more calories. So I’m keeping mainly to three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus a pre- and post-workout snack on the days I’m working out. So not a lot of after dinner mug cakes anymore but I’ll still probably have one every once in awhile (on my rest day).

I’ve been surprised that cutting back how often and the amount of food I’m eating hasn’t left me feeling hungry. But, on the other hand, there was times during marathon that I felt stuffed trying to get in enough food to meet my caloric needs. This might change once I start working out regularly since the last week I didn’t work out as much as I will be. Instead of focusing on calorie dense foods to get in enough calories, I’ve been focusing on the volume of food I’ve been eating.

It is a lot more satisfying for me to dig into a giant salad than to eat a cup of rice as a side dish just to get in my carbs. I’ve actually found I’m eating more vegetables than I was during the marathon because I’m focusing on more voluminous meals. I’ve been having tons of spinach salads (with Botlhouse dress which is the best!) and having cauliflower rice (from frozen because I’m too lazy to make my own). Getting a lot more vegetables in probably means I’m eating more fiber which is also helping me feel more full.

One thing I have been missing is my giant bowl of oatmeal in the morning. I’ve cutback from 1 cup of uncooked oats to ½ cup and it makes a big difference. I’ve been adding in egg whites to add volume (and protein) and I’m going to experiment more with adding volume to my oatmeal with vegetables. Of course, I find I’m eating breakfast a lot quicker now since I have half the amount of food to eat. I have to time sit down and sip on my coffee now instead of chugging it down!

There’s going to be more trial and error coming still since I’ll get back to regular workout routine and then I’m going on my honeymoon but I’m feeling pretty good about all these changes so far!