How is my training going between races?

It’s been a month since I ran the Twin Cities Marathon and I’m my fourth week of my new training schedule. So, how has it been going?

As a quick recap, I’ve switched up my training so I’m running five days a week (including a long run and a speedwork day) and doing strength training three days a week following the Strong Curves program. Here’s what my weekly workout schedule has been looking like:

Monday: Strong Curves Day A

Tuesday: 5 mile run

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: 3 mile run, Strong Curves Day B

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 6x400 at 5K pace, Strong Curves Day C

Sunday: 6-8 mile run

And I’ve been sticking to it pretty well. The only exception has been missing a couple of days due to traveling for my honeymoon but otherwise I’ve been right on track. And I’m really enjoying doing something totally different from marathon training. Especially all the added strength training which I’ve found surprising.

One thing I didn’t realize would happen is how high my heart rate gets during my strength training workouts. When I was doing strength training during marathon training, my heart rate stayed pretty low. But now I’m feeling like I’m really working hard and sweating, plus I can see my heart rate going up when I’m not resting between sets.

My running has been improving post-marathon training as well. It’s probably a combination of the weather (we’ve skipped right into winter and I’ve had to pull out my running jackets and long pants recently!) and running lower mileage but my average pace has dropped to around 10:30 minute miles. And that’s feeling easy and comfortable! I even ran ten miles with a 10:24 average pace this past Sunday and it felt really great as my first double digit run post-marathon.

I’m excited to continue on with this program for November and December, and to see how marathon training goes once I start again at the end of December. I’m going onto the second round of strength training next week so my programming for that will change but not the frequency of it.

And the results I’ve gotten from this new program (since I’m also doing it while in a deficit)? You’ll have to wait another day for the results from my first month of cutting but I’m feeling awesome and a lot more confident in my body than I was before!