Oatmeal Runner Reviews...JeFit

Since I've been doing a lot more strength training lately, I figured it's time to review the app that I've been using to record my progress, both in my strength training and also with my body. So it is this app that I've been using? It's called JeFit  and I've been using it on and off for a while now.

The thing I like most about it is how easy and simple it is every step. With Strong Curves I'm currently changing up programs every four weeks and I have three workouts for every single cycle. Each of those workouts contains eight different exercises so that’s 21 exercises to set up every four weeks. When I set up for this past new cycle it took me maybe ten minutes at most to set everything up. This includes creating my supersets and setting up reps and sets schemes for every single workout.


Probably the reason it's so easy is that there is a huge library of exercises that's really easy to search and if you need to create an exercise (which I've had to do a couple of times with Strong Curves) it takes a couple seconds to type in what you need to create a new one. You can also go through and search for exercises you've done recently to add into your new routine. Which makes it a lot easier to create workouts for each new cycle since there are exercises that repeat from cycle to cycle with the reps and order changing up.

It's also super easy to get started working out once I get to the gym. I just go in, and open up my workouts and because I've already set up what cycle I'm on for Strong Curves it pulls up my three workout options. I selected which one I’m doing that day and that's it. I get straight to my workout in a couple of seconds. Which is so nice compared to some other programs I've used like the BodySpace app which I had to do go through the “where you working out,” “do you want to enter your weight,”, “how are you feeling right now” questions before getting into the actual workout. I just don't need to go through all that because I don't need that data for myself. I just want to go in and get my workout done.


The other thing I like during workouts that JeFit  offers that the BodySpace app doesn’t was a timer the alerts you when it's getting down to the end. It's so nice when I'm on my rest period between sets. I get these nice little 3 beeps during the last 3 seconds of my rest timer and then a final sound to designate okay your rest is over get back into your exercises. it also makes it a lot better to hear those when I'm doing something like planks which feels like they take forever and you finally hear those beeps going and you know you're just about done. And while the BodySpace app had a timer for rest it didn't give me any kind of alert that my rest was almost done. I'd always have to be looking at my phone which is annoying. There is also no timer to time something like planks. I'd have to open up the clock app on my phone, set a timer and then once I was done go back and record how long I did that exercise for. It was just wasn't simple.

The other thing that I'm liking right now with JeFit is having a place to put down all my measurements I'm taking on a monthly basis, including my weigh in for that day and body fat percentage my scale gives me. I haven't really done a whole lot of measurements and progress photos in the past, I've been on and off with it, but I really like the system they have set up to update your measurements. It's right on home screen, you  enter in the new measurements  and you're done. With the BodySpace app, I was actually having to go into the website to enter my measurements and it was just not a simple. I couldn't do it right as I was taking my measurements. I'd have to write them down and then head out to the computer, log in and then I could enter them.

I also like with JeFit  that the default for who can see your stuff is private. No one else can see it. With the BodySpace app, I didn't realize that everything I posted was automatically public so the second I put in my progress photos, I got friends requests from random guys. Which as a female (and a person in general), I don't want that. I like being in control of who sees my stuff especially when I'm taking progress photos. Which might seem strange since I do post them on Instagram and hashtag them with stuff that gets it seen by lot more people. And I also put it up on my blog which anyone can see if but it just seems different when you post a picture and then get random friend requests from guys who are just adding you because you've put up a progress photo of in a swimsuit. It's just a creepiness factor for me on the BodySpace app, which I know other people don't have because there are a ton of people who have open profiles but personally it's just creepy for me.

So that's a little look at the JeFit  app that I'm currently using to track my strength training workouts, my measurements and why I like it. Let me know what apps you're using to track your strength training and why you like those because I  always like to look at new apps and see if there is something better I could be using out there.