How do I dress to run in a Minnesota winter?

Winter running weather has come to Minnesota so I want to give you a brief overview of kind of how I dress for winter weather. I've noticed this year that I'm becoming more used to running with less layers on it than in previous years so I'm switching up what I'm wearing and in what temperatures.

Base layer

This is what I wear in  temperatures below 40 degrees or so, depending on when and if the sun is out or not.  Of course running tights, which I have a couple of pairs that I love that are little bit longer so I can pull them over the tops of my shoes to keep out wind or snow.

I either wear a long sleeve shirt or a running jacket on top just depending again on the wind speed and if it's sunny outside or not. One thing I do love with my tops is having thumbholes because my sleeves don't ride up and down and it’s an extra layer over the top of my hands.

I also usually have a headband on and a pair of gloves. It really depends on again if it's windy outside or if it's cloudy or getting dark. One thing of course with all my layers is that I make sure to buy everything in as bright of colors as possible even though I like my running tights are black they have bright swashes of color on them and of course all my running jackets are either light colors or bright neon colors. And if I am running outside in the dark I do throw on my headlamp which I haven't done yet but with daylight savings time I'm going to have to start doing that.

Mid layers

When it gets into the high teens, I usually add on a second layer on top so I”m wearing a running jacket and a long sleeved shirt. This keeps me a little bit warmer (even though I’m finding I warm up quickly on the run now) and gives me an extra layer over my hands thanks to the thumbhole sleeves.

I also switch from the headband to a hat at this point. Mainly because it helps protect the back of my neck more (especially nice if it’s windy) and it keeps in the heat from my head.

Final layers

This is when it’s getting close to zero outside and at that point where I’m considering switching over to the treadmill (which is usually at temperatures below zero). In addition to everything else, I add on thermal fleece top on top (as my bottom layer) and throw on a second pair of gloves or mittens. I”ll also add on a buff if it’s windy outside to protect my face.

I usually don’t do a second layer on my bottom, just because I find that I warm up enough without it. Probably because my lower body is doing all the work of getting me moving in the cold!

And that’s how I get through running in a Minnesota winter! Let me know in the comments your go-to layers for running in the winter (or when you start hitting the treadmill)?