Random thoughts about running in the dark

With the time change, it’s been getting darker a lot earlier in Minnesota. Right now, the sun sets at about 4:45 p.m. (and getting earlier) so I’m having all my weekday runs end after sunset. Which is actually pretty interesting. I’ve written about how I stay safe running in the dark in an earlier post but today is about how I’m enjoying running in the dark.

When I’ve been out on my runs, it feels like I’m running in a completely new place even though I’m on my normal running routes. But everything looks so different in the changing light. It’s even different looking from when I was running before and during sunrise. For me, it’s enough of a difference to feel like I’m mixing up my runs which is helping me stay on track between training cycles.

I’m also finding that I’m more in tuned with my body on these runs. I’ve found myself lengthening my stride and remembering to check in with how my body is feeling. Almost like the outside distractions are taken away in the dark so I’m concentrating more on how my body feels. And, not surprising, I’ve found my pace picking up as I’m paying more attention to running form.

But what I’m most looking forward to is the Christmas lights to be turned on (once we are past Thanksgiving). I’m not a huge Christmas song fan but I love seeing Christmas lights. So hopefully in December I’ll start seeing all the lights and decorations at people’s houses. Of course, it would help too if we have some snow staying on the ground.

Do you enjoy running in the dark too? Let me know in the comments!