Since I’m cutting right now and eating way less foods than when I was marathon training, I’ve had to switch up how I fill my plate (or bowl). During marathon training, it wasn’t uncommon for me to just add rice or pasta on the side since I needed those extra carbs. But now, my body isn’t needing that many carbs (seriously, I’m not even craving carbs like I was during marathon training) but I still like to have the volume of food.

So I’ve turned to salads and I am loving them! Which is pretty amazing since I’ve never been a huge salad person in the past. But something about it has turned me around. My go-to quick meal after work (if it’s a night we aren’t cooking) is a big salad. Tons of volume, tons of leafy greens  and it fills me up.

I think the main thing that’s made a difference in why I’m actually enjoying salads now is the dressing I’m using. The last time I went through a salad phase (when I was doing South Beach diet in high school over ten years ago), I ate tons of salads. But the low calorie dressings available back then just didn’t taste great.

Not the case anymore! I have discovered what is my holy grail of salad dressings, Botlhouse Farms Dressings. They are made with yogurt and super creamy but don’t use up a ton of macros. Plus, they pack a ton of flavor in that two tablespoon serving so that’s all I need to use. I haven’t tried all of them (yet, I’m working on it) but I’ve loved them all.

What am I having in my salads besides Bolthouse Farms Dressing? They are actually pretty simple with nothing too fancy. Most of the time, it’s lettuce mix with a protein and the dressing on top. I just don’t keep many other vegetables around that aren’t meant for for other dishes so I don’t add them in. And I’m not a fan of too much uncooked vegetables so the only other vegetable I’d probably add in would be cucumber (which makes an amazing salad with some feta cheese, chicken and dried cranberries by the way).

Has anyone else become a fan of salads lately? Share your favorite salad combo in the comments so I can mix mine up some more!