What I'm Thankful For

2017 has been a crazy year (and there’s still more left) so I have so much to be thankful for. So, this Thanksgiving, I wanted to share just a couple of the the things I’m thankful for.


Of course, my husband tops this list. Between getting married, my marathon training and our honeymoon, we’ve had a jam packed year. But he’s been there no matter what I needed him for. When I’m exhausted after a run, he cooks dinner and lets me relax. When I’m feeling stressed, he’s there for listen. And of course he always knows how to make me smile.


My family expanded a lot this year and I’m grateful for every single person in it. FIrst, my nephew was born in January (3.5 months early) and had a tough beginning but he’s the happiest boy in the world (until he gets hungry). Then, Mike and I got married in May and I got a huge extended family now (seriously, there’s so many people who are my family now it’s crazy). But I’m thankful for every single person and I can’t wait to see everyone over the holidays.

Photo by Davenport Photography

Photo by Davenport Photography



Running has kept me sane this year. Like it does every year. And I also showed myself how much I can push myself to achieve what I want by getting a new half marathon PR and running my first marathon. It’s given me a sense of accomplishment that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And it gives me time to settle my mind after a busy day at work (or when wedding planning got crazy).

Of course, I’m thankful for a ton more but there’s just a little peek into my life. Let me know in the comments what you are thankful for!