How did my Thanksgiving go?

This is a follow-up post to “Cutting and weight loss during the holidays.” I just wanted to check in quick about how my Thanksgiving went and how I feel about everything.

First of all, I woke up at a low weigh in Thanksgiving morning. My weight had been dropping basically every day this week (which I did not expect since I’m still doing the same plan I have been since October 2nd) and I weighed in at 133.4 pounds Thursday morning. Which I haven’t been since September/October 2016. Crazy, right?

I wanted to get a workout on earlier in the day so I had a pre-workout snack of plain greek yogurt and a banana just to get some food in my system. If I was just doing weights (or if my gym was opening at it’s normal time), I would have headed there to do my weights. But, I had a three mile run to do and the gym was only open from 8 a.m. to noon for Thanksgiving. Luckily we have the apartment gym which is where I normally do my Thursday weights session so I headed over there.

I could really feel that I didn’t have as much food in as I normally do before a weight sessions (especially the ones I do after work). The walking lunges almost took me out with how hard they were. But I got in a good weight session and a run. I only had three miles and I tried to just take it easy since I was doing it post-weights. It was a good thing I didn’t try heading to LA Fitness in the morning because by the time I got done with my workout we had about an hour before we left.


So, I skipped my foam rolling (I know, not the best thing to do) and jumped into the shower. I ate breakfast as I got ready, which was oatmeal with protein powder and berries plus my usual coffee. I felt so much better once I got more food (and caffeine) in me. Then we hit the road to drop Vinnie off with the in-laws and head up north.

I had a great time visiting family for Thanksgiving. I got to see my nephew and get plenty of snuggles in with him and my cousins were there with their four little girls. All together, five little ones, with three of them walking. It was a bit of chaos at my grandma’s.

With both lunch and dinner, I took a little bit of everything I wanted to try and focused on getting a good amount of turkey and vegetables on my plate. Of course, I had mashed potatoes and buns plus a slice of pumpkin pie. But I didn’t feel stuffed by the time I was done. In fact, I didn’t put on my sweatpants for the drive home or sleep at all on the way home. Which is normally what happens. I was super tired by the time we got home at a little bit after 10 p.m. and I’d never been so glad to crawl into bed (except maybe after our honeymoon).

I woke up Friday morning and jumped on the scale, knowing that it was going to be up. And it wasn’t up as much as I was thinking it would be. I was up 3 lbs, at 136.3, but I was expecting to see a bigger jump because I ate a lot of carbs the day before. But I’d also kept up with water intake and got the day started off with a great workout. Plus, I didn’t eat until I couldn’t physically eat any more which is a big accomplishment for me on the holidays.


Fridays are a rest day for me but since I had the day off I went into the gym for a yoga class. Since I didn’t stretch or foam roll after my Thursday workouts, I did go on the rowing machine for 15 minutes before the class just to get my body warmed up. And I felt like I got into a rhythm a lot easier with the class (and crushed the balance flow!).

This Thanksgiving was a huge accomplishment for me in terms of how I ate and how I felt about what I was eating. I’m really excited to see this mental shift taking place in how I feel about food  so I’ve had some disordered thinking around food in the past. And it felt great not to be so stuffed after a holiday meal and be able to move around easily (without falling asleep afterwards).

Have you made some mental shifts about food and fitness recently? Let me know what they are in the comments!